About EmpowerMe

The Ultimate- Mind Shift 

EmpowerMe is a personal and organisational, empowerment and leadership program.

EmpowerMe shifts negative mind-sets, creates positive attitudes and behaviours and unites people through authentic and creative empowerment tools and techniques.

EmpowerMe provides the tools to improve the quality of people’s lives. To bring positive results for families relationships, careers and businesses.

There are 3 intentions to EmpowerMe:

Intention One: Empowerment is Cognitive – It Helps us See Choices and to Challenge Unhelpful Beliefs

The first intention of empowerment I want to set out is the cognitive. What I mean by “cognitive” is that empowerment can be described as a person’s new ability to see options and alternatives that they didn’t see before. The result of this is that the person believes they have new choices they didn’t have before or a new freedom they haven’t experienced before. Of course, formally, they always had these choices, but they didn’t see that they had them. Empowerment is the seeing.

Intention Two: Empowerment is Linguistic – We Gain a New Vocabulary for Expression and this ‘Makes us Capable of New Experiences’. 

The second intention of empowerment I want to set out is the linguistic. What I mean by “linguistic” is that empowerment comes from (and gives us) a new language for self-expression and, with that new language, we become capable of new experiences.

Intention Three: Empowerment is Emotional – We Develop a New Relationship to, and Understanding of, Our Emotions

The third intention of empowerment I want to set out is the emotional. What I mean by “emotional” is that empowerment gives us a new emotional vocabulary (as described above) and so a new emotional range (we become capable of a greater number and depth of emotions) but also a new relationship to our emotions. Disempowered people do not have emotions. Very often they are either very cut off from their emotions or they are so deeply immersed in them that they can’t see a way out. In the first case, a disempowered person has such difficulty feeling uncomfortable feelings, they suppress them and so, inevitably, these feelings come out in unhealthy ways.

How Can Empowerment be Facilitated?

The first, and obvious, requirement for facilitating empowerment is that we model it. In other words, we must have attained some level of empowerment ourselves before we are able to facilitate it in others. However, if this is true then it means that power is not quantitative. We don’t “balance” situations or “empower” people by taking power from one party and then trying to hand it to another.

Rather, the best form of power “balancing” is to show people how to achieve empowerment. This qualitative idea of empowerment is at odds with a lot of people’s approaches to power balancing (which is why I believe these approaches are doomed to fail).

A key competency in empowerment is a facility or capacity for distance, the ability to observe, witness and recognise what is going on internally. In order to develop these competencies, we need a language that helps us describe it, but we also need to belong to communities that are committed to meaningful reflection.

There is nothing new in my techniques, perhaps the way I put them together and the way I share them with you is different, but that’s all. My intention is to instruct you in a way of doing things that will bring improvements you seek in life. There is really nothing extraordinary about my approach; what is extraordinary is that moment when you choose to change and grow.

Whether you need to motivate your people around fresh initiatives, inspire courageous leadership, develop winning teams or mobilise your entire organisation to take ownership and commit to change, you can be absolutely certain that I will create and deliver something that’s special.

Clients tend to have an initial chat over the phone to let me know what they have in mind and I can clarify and assist them to understand my methods and how best to move towards a bespoke program that best suits their needs.

Some then have me along where I meet with key decision makers for a couple of hours to understand better the range of needs and opportunities. Many also like a presentation to a cross section of their target audience to see how they react to my approach and then more informed decisions can be made on a specific design and commitments fitting in with local schedules and logistics.

Many choose to book me directly after a single telephone call. So whatever you are thinking about feel free to get in touch to arrange and let’s have a chat.


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