About Heather

Heather Gordon goes where others tread lightly. From Keynote to Workshops, she creates an experience that will have you wanting more! A sought after; Thought Leader in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Women’s Empowerment. Through Leadership and Engagement, she inspires vision and strategic change in any economic environment motivating the audience to take action today.
Her leadership experience began in 1993 when Heather became a proud leader in Scotland’s Social Enterprise sector. Heather brings the message of accountability, drive and compassion to her consultancy and workshops while taking your audience on a journey of self-empowerment.
With over twenty five years of leadership experience Heather understands what your audience needs, she and delivers in a style that leaves your audience inspired and motivated to succeed beyond the program.

Currently Heather Gordon is the CEO of Heather Gordon Female Empowerment Company focusing on empowering individuals, organisations, teams and businesses to do more than survive. To Thrive!

Credentials include:
• MBA in Business Management
• Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)Approved Centre
• ILM Certificate in Business, Organisational and Life Coaching
• Project Management and Operational Management
• Chair Person and Executive Director for a range of Social Enterprise Organisations