About Me

‘It is the sharpness of our mind that gives us the edge over tenacity and resolve’

Consultant|Trainer|Coach and the founder of ‘How Dare She’,

I have been an established business woman for over 20 years.

I have an MBA in business management and my training centre is ILM Approved ( Institute of Leadership and Management)

I started my management career aged 18yrs, in the Civil Service, which offered me a platform from which to grow to learn about management and leadership, and the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a leader.

However I started at the bottom, as a Clerical Assistant-CA (constantly assigned to the stationary cupboard for being too opinionated!).

Starting as a CA, on reflection was good, as it gave me a very good insight into the tenacity needed to climb the golden ladder, and understand the term ‘glass ceiling’ .

In those days,  the hierarchical system ruled, as did the archaic attitudes associated with it. But 30 years ago this was the norm, and it was accepted, by men and by the women. So I learnt very quickly; that to be efficient, to be dedicated, to meet deadlines and targets was not enough.

I learnt that stereotypical attitudes towards women were steeply ingrained into the Civil Service culture of  keep your head down get on with the work and do not even think about contributing to the decision making.

So I quickly realised, I needed to be  push my way forward to be seen, to be noticed to ensure I got acknowledged for my hard work and recognised for my knowledge. I wanted to be a leader, have a voice, make decisions that would benefit my team and myself (hence I spent a lot of time in the stationary cupboard, with a promotion to the post opening room!) 

But with all its faults, it taught me discipline in relation to systems, processes and due diligence. It taught me that in order to achieve your dreams you need to have courage to stand up against norms that no longer serve society and be the catalyst of change.  Self employment demands that you are able to face up to challenges and take risks.  So I will always thank my Civil Service career for making me strong and empowered enough to run my own business.

I have now been self employed for over 20 years, working with a wide range of social enterprises, entrepreneurs and organisations, and its been an amazing and empowering journey, which has provided me with a wealth of  knowledge and experience. I draw on my experiences(good and bad) for my clients and indeed for myself going forward, and when in doubt I just think of the stationary cupboard!

My business: An Approved Institute of Leadership and Management(ILM) Centre

  1. Consultancy
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Training & Facilitation
  4. Gender Parity
  5. Executive Coaching
  6. Coach Training
  7. Mentoring

My consultancy:  Social Enterprise sector, supporting and developing, individuals, enterprises and communities.

My training: An Approved Centre for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM),

  • Leadership and Management ILM Certificated
  • Business and Entrepreneurship ILM Certificated
  • Personal Development – Portfolio of bespoke workshops
  • Female Empowerment- How Dare She- Her Invitation
  • Crucial Communications
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Coach Training – ILM Level 5

My Gender Parity:  A project named ‘How Dare She offering: Female Empowerment Workshops, Talking Circles, Coaching and Mentoring’

My Coaching: I coach female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions. I also train coaches in the workplace to ILM Level 5 certificate

My Mentoring: I mentor female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions.

My Vision: To empower women to fully participate in economic life