Every time we are faced with a difficult or unknown situation we need to deal with, we take a risk. We will feel uncertain and exposed. We will feel vulnerable. Most of us try and fight those feelings- we strive to appear in control, ‘I’ve got this’ and to be ‘perfect’. I am a huge fan of Dr Brene Brown and her research, and she challenges everything we think about vulnerability. This month: The How Dare She Power Circle members, will be discussing; the widely accepted myth, that vulnerability is a weakness. I will argue that is in fact a strength and that it’s an integral part of personal empowerment. If you would like to be part of a Power Circle and this discussion, love to hear from you.  

Divided Women

This is an incredible gender equality video- worth 5 mins of your time

Shetland Islands Council welcomes EmpowerMe

A successful Empowerment and Leadership program was delivered Dec17/Jan 18 for Shetland Islands Council. The program was bespoke and offered empowerment, leadership, coaching and mentoring.    

Power Games

Part 3 The 3rd part to our POWER conversation is  focused on Power Relationships, relationships that we see operating and playing out in our lives. For example: parent – child child- teacher employee – employer male- female husband – wife We have absorbed the patterns of these relationships from our culture, our family, our past experiences and so on. Often these work well for us. However, when we feel powerless or powerful at the expense of others we sometimes slip into power games and assume particular roles to play these games, usually without consciously being aware of what is happening. The roles people can assume: Persecuting Rescuing Playing Victim Ask yourself or share with a How Dare She Circle partner: How do people behave when persecuting? How do people behave ...

Power Bases

Part 2 Think of two or three people with whom you often comply, or to whom you defer to or say “yes”. What is this power to extract a “yes” from you based upon? Write down your answers and if you can share with a partner in the HDS Circle Of the people you have listed do you feel better complying with some rather than others? Is it something to do with the way they use their power bases? How does this vary? Possible power bases(please feel free to add more) Valued relationship Do you care about the relationship being friendly? How would the relationship suffer if you did not comply? Expertise Do you trust the advice the person gives because he or she knows more about the issues? What are the special areas of competence information or expertise? Position Do you respe...

How Dare She Rocks!

Welcome to How Dare She. I can’t wait to get going and start to connect and build relationships; relationships that will be so nourishing and empowering. Intention One: Empowerment is Cognitive – It helps us ‘See Choices and to Challenge Unhelpful Beliefs’. The first intention of empowerment I want to set out is the cognitive. What I mean by “cognitive” is that empowerment can be described as a person’s new ability to see options and alternatives that they didn’t see before. The result of this is that the person believes they have new choices they didn’t have before or a new freedom they haven’t experienced before. Of course, formally, they always had these choices, but they didn’t see that they had them. Empowerment is the seeing. Intention Two: Empowerment is Linguistic...

Power With not Over

Part 1 POWER – the Daring Topic for July, for all you daring How Dare She followers. Lets start by saying ‘hello’ to the elephant in the room. Power, Powerful, Empowered, Womens Empowerment, Empowerment this Empowerment that……….. Yes it could be described and the ‘buzz’ word of this decade and, it associations vary depending on who you speak to and what circumstances they see themselves in. The concept of power conjures very different meanings for people. For some it has negative connotations; others see it in a positive light. Everyone of us lives with power every single day; in our personal, family and work lives,  we are consciously and subconsciously negotiating power. So lets explore what power means to us and gather some tools to become comfortable...


The Ultimate Mind-Shift              

Coaching & Mentoring

Heather is incredibly focused and passionate about the benefits of coaching. Heather initially coached me when I was planning to write a book. After the session I was so taken with her inspiring and warm style, that I too wanted to use coaching skills to support those in my health business. It took me 3 months to persuade her to train me!  I now understand her time to make the decision, as it was not a easy as I had thought  I learned about accountability Heather spent a year with me, coaching me, teaching me, practicing with me and arranging coaches and coachees to work with me too. She was continuously  assessing and guiding me through to my Coaching Practitioner Certificate which I passed in June 2017. Another year on now June 2018, I now have published my first book! Heather says it...

Key Note Speaking Praise

Training & Facilitation

Bespoke Training Packages We contracted out for a trainer to design us a bespoke workshop about having crucial conversations. Heather was successful with her proposal and piloted the workshop with some of our senior management team in 2016. It was very important that this workshop provided the participants with 100% confidence to be able to share and learn, but not disclose details about individuals. Heather fulfilled all our requirements and more. Heather style is warm, fun, and very empowering. Heather is very knowledgeable and experienced and this certainly offers credibility to her and to her programs. Since the 2016 pilot, she has run another 8 workshops and the feedback is so positive we still have a waiting list. We have since contracted Heather to run an Empowerment & Leadershi...

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