Authentic Leadership

Women in Leadership

Achieving full gender parity—whereby women are involved in the economy identically to men in terms of labour-force participation, hours worked, and sector mix of employment—could add £600 billion of additional GDP to business-as-usual forecasts in 2025, thus organisations are aggressively seeking to diversify their leadership teams – providing the female perspective. That being said however the struggle falls to how to develop the genders in leadership.

Women struggle to gain a real perspective on how to get ahead, what is expected, how to build strong alliances, and find work/life strategies. This lack of knowledge is creating a “one step forward two steps back” mentality as the tools required to succeed are hushed, hidden and at time out of reach.

Leadership development is not one size or gender fits all as our leadership styles and authenticity must be taken into account.

Organisations with diverse leadership are more innovating and have a higher return on training investments than those who do not.
Increased job satisfaction and retention go hand in hand with leadership development.

Heather offers a wide range of proven effective tools, assessments and training –meeting your Leadership Diversity needs.

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