Empowerment Workshops

Reminding women just how powerful and influential they really are.

Studies demonstrate the vast majority of women find themselves unfulfilled and underpowered in either the workplace or home life.

If a woman is empowered at home – they bring that to the work place in the form of personal power, influence, communication, leadership, adaptability and so much more.

As women we hold down a variety of roles yet if we let these roles run our life they can overpower us. Does this sound familiar?

Furthermore, in today’s market, your organisations leaders need Leadership Emotional Intelligence Proficiency (LEIP) to succeed. By 2025, women will hold 50% of the leadership positions….. As women’s economic power and place in the C-suite advances, they need support and training to articulate and stimulate enthusiasm for a clear and compelling vision.

Heather’s popular women’s empowerment programs:yep that’s me in my power pants -:)

Empowering women to fully participate in economic life, across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

I offer 2 powerful action led self- empowerment workshops for women, inviting them to take control of their own lives, to set goals, make positive future choices and be role models for the future.

1. Her Invitation
Reminding women just how powerful and influential they really are.
An inspiring 2 day workshop; for women who want to influence the direction of their work and personal life with greater clarity.

These workshops, positively impacts on energy, strength, career and relationships.

From our research it was clear those women who thrived;
Gathered up all the power & influence at their disposal and used it, on purpose, to shape their careers and personal lives as they wished.

And that women who struggled;
Disassociated themselves with their personal power & influence to such a degree that they actively gave it away.

The real surprise?

They didn’t even know they were doing it!

We took every ounce of the advice from the women who thrived and formed these 2 programmes. It became apparent very quickly though that EVERY woman needed to hear this.
‘Increase your Power & Influence’ workshops are now available to ANY woman all over the UK

2. What’s Stopping You?

This 3 hour workshop created by Heather Gordon equips you with the essential skills to, live your life in your greatness. Warning, there is no return ticket!

So are you thinking and feeling ………?
I am fine, honestly, but feel: in denial, frustrated!
• My dreams will have to wait, but feel: stuck, trapped, guilt, angry!
• I desperately want my life to change, but feel: overwhelmed, vulnerable.
• It’s too late now, but feel regret, sadness, old, scared?

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