Popular Workshops

Powerful action led self- empowerment workshops for women, inviting you to take control of your own lives, to set goals, make positive future choices and be the role models for the future.

1.What’s Stopping You? 

An inspiring 1 day workshop; for women who want to influence the direction of their work and personal life with greater clarity.
These workshops, positively impacts on your personal life, your career and your relationships.

You will find out exactly what stopping you and develop powerful strategies to move forward on your goals.

2.Empowerment & Leadership

Reminding ALL women just how powerful and influential they really are.

This workshop combines strategies to step into your own power; also includes coaching and mentoring to develop your personal leadership.

You will discover how you give away your personal power and how to take it back.

3.Fiery Conversations

This 2 day workshop delves deep into the reasons we shy away from having a difficult conversation. Our fears and our perceptions.

After these 2 days you will be confident to have that conversation and to get the positive results you desire. For all concerned!

4. Be Curious

This is a 2 day workshop, where you will look at situations that are causing you conflict. We work through strategies to address and re frame into opportunities from which to grow and develop. Powerful communication skills and plenty of practice will enable you to deal with internal and external conflict situations.

So are you thinking and feeling ………?
• I am fine, honestly, but feel: in denial, frustrated!
• My dreams will have to wait, but feel: stuck, trapped, guilt, angry!
• I desperately want my life to change, but feel: overwhelmed, vulnerable.
• I want to feel empowered to lead on on my own life and career.

One day workshops running this year in Scotland.

For more information on a workshop near you contact Heather

I am feeling a totally different woman. I feel empowered with my own ability and self belief to make my life and business.

What’s Stopping You’ woke ‘the power within me, to identify what was stopping me and deal with it.
It was tough, but SO enlightening, to actually understand how and why I was disempowering myself, and realise that for most of my life I was part of what was stopping me fulfilling my dream of being a successful photographer.
I now have strategies to deal my inner critic, my fears and my lack of self belief and I feel like I have got to know myself so much better. Hey and I like ME!!’

Hanisa Valentino

June 2017


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