About Courageous Cultures

Courageous Cultures is a personal and organisational empowerment process which embodies four inter connected pathways of creative coaching, leadership and empowerment skills.

Effective leaders help others think more broadly for themselves. They do this by sharing insightful reflections and asking powerful questions that disrupt and expand people’s minds.

The most powerful way for a leader to change people’s minds is to help them to think more broadly for themselves by using a coaching approach. Listening, reflecting on what you hear and sense, and then asking powerful questions can actually change how a person sees himself and the world around him. These discoveries lead to permanent and positive behavioural change.

Leaders who are committed to helping others grow their mind as well as their skills will be most successful in this quickly changing world.

However coaching without having the skills required to run  a business will not work. So Courageous Cultures delivers skilled leaders and teams who are empowered with a mindset for success and fulfillment.

Courageous Cultures is for leaders and organisations who wish to emerge from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and culture.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Clients tend to have an initial chat over the phone to let me know what they have in mind and I can clarify and assist them to understand my methods and how best to move towards a bespoke program that best suits their needs. Many choose to book me directly after a single telephone call. So whatever you are thinking about feel free to get in touch to arrange and let’s have a chat. There is nothing new in my techniques, perhaps the way I put them together and the way I share them with you is different, but that’s all. Some then have me along where I meet with key decision makers for a couple of hours to understand better the range of needs and opportunities. Many also like a presentation to a cross section of their target audience to see how they react to my approach and then more informed decisions can be made on a specific design and commitments fitting in with local schedules and logistics. Many choose to book me directly after a single telephone call. So whatever you are thinking about feel free to get in touch to arrange and let’s have a chat. I offer a FREE no obligation consultation so do get in touch and lets chat through your thoughts. Heather 

The Courage Pathway’s

Designed as a highly interactive learning experience, the four pathways give leaders new approaches to creating breakthrough moments in their own and their teams; performance and development of a powerful growth mindset.

Participants will walk away with practical skills and renewed confidence about how to truly help others think more broadly for themselves.

Courageous Cultures focuses on high performance and empowerment in the workplace. Everything we do is about ensuring people are empowered and capable to do the job in front of them, when they need to do it.


  1. Empowerment Skills
  2. Leadership
  3. Coaching and
  4. Capability

Learning Transfer 

LTP is a web-based tool that is different. It does not flood people with content. It focuses on experience as the best teacher. The learning is the doing.

Adding the LT Pathway into a training program ensures the learning is transferred directly into the workplace, at the point of work. It engages learners in valuable on-the-job activities to reinforce their training goals, and also engages their managers as coach/mentor. It is training transfer done right!

LTP is a partnership between of Heather Gordon Consultancy and People Alchemy. HEATHER Gordon has sole rights over the implementation and use of the LT Platform (100% confidentially is guaranteed)

No more misunderstanding or avoidance, people see their learning working for them and their success being acknowledged.

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