Sum of it's parts

Leadership does not lie in the capabilities of a few.

Human – Centred Systems Thinking

Heather Gordon Relaxed Photo

Heather Gordon is the CEO of her consulting firm, Heather Gordon Leadership Consultancy. She has been working in organisations for over 40 years and as a strategic thinking partner with organisations and leaders, for twenty five years.

In her consulting practice, she specialises in developing living system leadership mindsets through; leadership coaching, mentoring and organisational cultural change.

For the past 40 years she has worked in and consulted with a wide variety of organisations ranging from Public, Private and Third sector organisations.

Most of her work has been in Scotland, where she has also served on charitable boards and committees, offering business mentoring and leadership support.

I think I was surprised how Heather managed to challenge my thinking in a very subtle way. She carefully drew out of me what I didn’t realise was there!
I really feel that I have changed my approach for the better, and the techniques covered have made an immediate an positive impact on my ability to lead.

Shetland Islands Council


  • Coaching executives who are instigating cultural change in their organisations.
  • Coaching teams, groups of executives, and executive committees of board of directors who are interested in improving services, strengthening their organisation, strengthening their board of directors.

Heather has been working with a number of my Directors and senior managers to support their leadership through challenging times through coaching.  Heather has a long association with SIC and I have personally seen the growth and positive change that her coaching support has caused in my leadership team.

The level of change and uncertainty  we face is unprecedented. Supporting our Leaders to be the best they can be as been a critical investment in my experience.

CEO: Maggie Sandison- SIC


Cultural change initiatives that increase innovation within organisations


Full scale cultural change targeted in shifting the leadership culture from hierarchical leadership to shared or distributive leadership.


Facilitating and designing processes to help integration of different organisational cultures.

  1. What did you find as a result of contracting with Heather?  A fantastic coaching solution
  2. What specific feature did you like most about her service?  Heather as an individual and what she specifically brings – her knowledge, expertise and professionalism
  3. What are three other benefits of her service?  Heather is flexible, outcome focused and a pleasure to do business with
  4. Would you recommend her organisational development service? If so, why? Yes, Heather is enthusiastic and committed to delivering an excellent service

Workforce Development t- Jackie Watt


Developing mentoring/staff development programs for employees

I knew I’d learn a lot, but I cannot state how beneficial working with Heather has been. The ability to tease out particular problems within my service areas, and apply techniques that I had not been aware of was incredibly helpful.

Ex- Manager – Andrew – Shetland Islands


Consulting with senior leadership teams to improve their learning and leadership capacity.

The program is not like other leadership courses. It is bespoke to you as an individual, helping you to understand leadership through real experiences and challenges that you are facing day to day.

Ex Manager : Sam – Shetland Islands