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WELCOME to my website.

A bit about me: I have been running my own business for over 20 years, and have had a range of interesting enterprises, but in essence they have all involved working with and supporting people to be the best they can be. My passion is also my belief, which is that I believe we ALL have potential, and we ALL have been given the skills to use that potential, but sometimes we need a wee nudge to believe in ourselves enough to do something about it.

At my core I am a Personal Development & Performance Coach, and when I train and or facilitate I am using my coaching skills.

So if we ever meet, never ask me ‘what should I do?’  as I will ask you ‘what do you want to do?, and ‘how are you going to make this happen?’

For quarter of a century my business has evolved in response to the unique requirements of my clients. Its very nature provides bespoke adaptions that easily integrate into current initiatives, system and processes. Today I provide bespoke corporate programmes, open workshops and coaching.

I am also presently working on an online transformation programme, and designing a retreat for women in Scotland in 2019.

The many years I have worked with individuals, organisations and communities, has  enabled me to develop a range of empowerment techniques which I incorporate into all of my bespoke programs, I call these techniques and Programs, EmpowerME.

EmpowerMe – techniques will help you to:

  • reach beyond your limitations to achieve seemingly impossible goals
  • deal effectively with change and take control and own your future
  • overcome negative habits and build extraordinary self-belief
  • manage stress and develop a growth mindset
  • feel inspired for life, and start living it with zest
  • achieve your dreams and then some!

EmpowerMe – programs are based around five characteristics of excellence in individual and team performance:

  1. Authenticity – Being the True You
  2. Emotional Intelligence – Interpersonal Skills
  3. Growth Mindsets – Can Do Attitude
  4. Willingness – Whole Brain Thinking
  5. Communication – oh the Power of Communication!

So whether you are facing a change or are interested in improving performance in your leadership, your team (or entire workforce) or your  own personal development you can be confident I can provide what you are looking for. I continue to design and present programs and solutions and have done for 20 years because quite simply the EmpowerMe unique tools and techniques work.

While I am recognised as a passionate charismatic and inspirational facilitator(or so I have been told!) my biggest asset I feel is my commitment to providing tools and techniques that are easy to learn and apply day to day for improving performance in business and personal life.

My passion, my approach and unique and lasting quality was summed up by a recent client (an incredible woman from Shetland)) who said “.


Since I spoke to you last I did exactly what you told me to do and all of your positive energy you sent me, sent me down a path that has resulted in some good news.

I got an interview and today I have been offered THE JOB!

What can I say Heather. How does it feel to change a life? How does it feel to have such a positive influence on people that you ACTAULLY can change a life?!

You are some woman… THANK YOU!! xxxx

My credentials include:
• I have an MBA in Business Management.
• My business is an Approved Centre with Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). I am very proud to have been awarded this for life.
• ILM Certificate in Business, Executive, Organisational and Life Coaching
• Project Management and Operational Management
• Training and Facilitation

Thanks again for coming to my website  and looking forward to connecting with you. Most of my clients prefer to chat and share their needs and thoughts, so do feel comfortable giving me a call, or send me an email and I will get in touch.



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