Through The Lens of Your Archetype

Through The Lens of Your Archetype

Archetypal Coaching 

 I work on the model presented by Caroline Myss 

To help you work with the archetypal companions you have selected, I use the image of a wheel divided into twelve categories that contain every aspect of human life, corresponding to the twelve houses of the zodiac. Its basic outline looks like this:

The twelve houses of the Archetypal Wheel are divided as follows:

  1. Personality, Ego: the face you present to the outside world
  2. Life Values: ownership, finances, your relationship to earthly power
  3. Self-expression, Siblings: the power of choice
  4. Home: establishing your emotional foundation
  5. Creativity, Good Fortune: erotic energies, including creativity, sexuality, and synchronicity/chance
  6. Occupation and Health: seeking security in the physical world
  7. Relationships: marriage and partnerships
  8. Other People’s Resources: stocks, inheritance, death and closure
  9. Spirituality: wisdom, publishing, travel
  10. Highest Potential: completing the integration of the self
  11. Interaction with the World: relating your creativity to humanity
  12. The Unconscious

The Archetypal Wheel is an intuitive tool that makes symbolic information accessible to you. Your 12 archetypes become even more significant when you observe them at work in the houses that signify 12 different aspects of your life. Like other intuitive tools, the Wheel helps you decode the behind-the-scenes patterns of your life. It shows you how your experiences and relationships are spiritual dramas filled with opportunities for personal transformation.

The basic alignment of archetypal energies located in the appropriate houses of an Archetypal Wheel is called your Chart of Origin, and is similar in nature to a natal chart in astrology. But instead of the positions of the constellations at your birth, your Chart of Origin is based on the placement of your 12 primary archetypes within your Wheel as determined by a simple intuitive process.

Coaching with Archetypal behaviours allows the coachees to do some powerful self-examination and truly get understand why they are where they are, what is holding back and how to make ‘choices’ and actions that fulfill their purpose.