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Black History Month

IN Perspective: Celebrating Black Women (in America) 

In honor of Black History Month, we recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. Among the thought leaders, activists, politicians, executives, ceiling-breakers, and everyday heroes of past and present are many Black women who have helped shape history and society.

Black women’s diverse stories are defined by resilience, or “Black girl magic,” as we call it these days. Living at the intersection of gender and race politics isn’t easy, but we survive—and thrive. And so many of us are inspiring the next generation of women of all backgrounds.

This Black History Month and beyond, show your support for Black women by learning about our experiences, amplifying our voices, and continuing to help build a more equal world.

Leaning in with Black women

From the workplace to the classroom to the doctor’s office, below are resources related to critical issues facing Black women and powerful personal stories that we hope motivate and inspire you:

  • #38PercentCounts: Read about how the gender pay gap specifically affects Black women and what companies can do’
  • Overlooked in healthcare: Tennis superstar Serena Williams joined the Tilted podcast and discussed how Black women are dying from childbirth at disproportionately high rates
  • Women in the Workplace: Read about how microagressions, being the only Black woman in the room, and bias affect Black women at work.
  • Danielle’s Circle story: Danielle  Mcletchie shares how being part of a Circle helped her feel supported while studying chemical engineering at Howard University.
  • Bozoma Saint John’s resilience: The Endeavor Chief Marketing Officer shared her heartfelt story of overcoming loss and navigating corporate America as a Black woman

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