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My Soul Chose Me

This was posted on Facebook last week, and I love this womans words so much I want to share them with all the women out there that are honouring their life. “I don’t really understand why girls and women are so concerned with preserving their youth or with having impeccably bikini bodies. Sure, I want to look my best. But not at the expense of living a full life. I want to honor my body and nourish her with the best food I can. That sometimes means salads and that sometimes means chocolate cake! I want to strengthen my body by moving it – walking and dancing and running and climbing and exploring the mountains and valleys of all the earth. I don’t want to preserve my youth. Age isn’t linear, anyways. I want to use up my body to the fullest. When it’s my ...

Authenticity to the Point of Negativity?

There’s a lot of talk about authenticity at the moment, which is great. But what does being authentic really look like? How do people interpret authenticity in others? Authenticity can be judged by someone’s passion and commitment for what they do, and those who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in. Authentic people are probably the ones you feel you can trust, because they are open with their views and have high values. To be an authentic leader for instance would to be a leader who builds their legitimacy through honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. Generally, authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness. But is there a tipping point to being authentic? Can yo...

Giving Away Your Power

How comfortable do you feel describing yourself as ‘powerful’ 1 – 2 – 3- 4 And how do ‘powerful’ women need to look, feel & act? Watch this video, let me know your thoughts  

Put Oomph in Your Life!

Women who are standing in their own power, they’re asking for & getting promotions asking for & receiving pay rises being listened to being taken more seriously believing in themselves putting themselves first being recognised Personally they’re  Happier in themselves Feeling confident about their future Taking charge of their lives Regularly asking themselves ‘Is this ok with me?’ Setting personal boundaries Feeling GOOD on the inside! & influencing young girls to do the same Equality starts by empowering women One woman at a time. That woman is you. It’s your time.

Women & Power

Women and Power! I watch the women’s body language when I ask about what ‘being powerful’ means to them. Without exception there is a sense of discomfort, followed by a high energy debate on why this word is not applicable to them, and that they have no reason to be, or be seen as ‘powerful’. Its not until we discuss how we tend to give our power away, that women realise how they are being perceived, for most ‘powerless’. The blunt truth is that the world is still run by men. Sheryl Standberg There is still a massive gender pay gap worldwide. Businesses & corporations still operate with out-dated male-centric patterns, making it difficult for women to add value. Yet we  KNOW and have evidence women are needed to run our business, and wow, when ...

Women Matter

“THE ULTIMATE MIND-SHIFT” Whether your a woman in the workplace, an entrepreneur or stay at home mum, its equally important that women understand and use their power and influence to make this world a more balanced and equally diverse planet for our future generations. It’s well researched and documented that women do not have equality, and 100% equity will not be achieved for another 100 years, if then. BUT this is only data, you have the power to make a shift in how you live your life, how you plan your life, how you are perceived and how you can influence the now and the future. In the UK women do have many opportunities to be part of a mind-shift towards creating a diverse and equal culture. Just by starting with ‘you’ the shift begins. Do you say to yours...

Conflict is The Stuff of Life

Senior Management and Team Leaders embraced conflict, and developed their skills  and positive mind set of Win Win. Bespoke course designed for preventing, dealing with conflict situations and facilitating mediation. Their workshop offered: Win/Win Approach : considering types of behaviour we use to resolve conflict and the principles of win/win approach. Mapping Conflcit: to understand how mapping can be applied in a range of settings and for many purposes. The group found that by researching and understanding the root cause of conflict, peoples needs and concerns, they could provide options to resolve and prevent situation reaching crisis stage. Negotiation: skills in creating suitable environments and structure for working together towards resolution. With plenty of practice negotiating...

Win Win

Sullom Voe, Shetland. Ports and Harbour, Incredible 2 days working with Tug Boat Masters and Mates. Wow what an experience learning about the responsibilities of these men was a privilege. Not all plain sailing this workshop, however certainly a willingness to master any potential conflict situation. This group took a lot from mapping conflict, and the opportunity to understand and practice facilitating mediation. The insights from the mapping and understanding the sources of conflict, supported them to develop their options to resolve any present or outstanding issues. I particularly liked and enjoyed these men’s approach, their humour coupled with their support for each other, born out I suppose from their dangerous work and high level of need to work as a team, gave me a new insig...

Womens Empowerment Events

This Sunday, thousands of women will create a huge public artwork to celebrate our right to vote. You can be part of it – sign up in two minutes:  

Womens Empowerment News

Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety than men. Not because we aren’t coping, but because too much is being asked of us for too little pay. https://www.theguardian.com/profile/chitra-ramaswamy Like every other age known to humankind, these are hard times to be a woman. According to the UK’s biggest survey into the impact of stress, 81% say they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year (compared with 67% of men). The other 19% were probably too damn busy, or perhaps just drained by being paid less than the man sitting next to them, to respond. Three in four Britons felt overwhelmed by stress, survey reveals. For those of us doing the woman thing day in, day out, this inordinately high figure is about as shocking as misogyny still being rife at Cannes. I am, like mo...

Women in Leadership News

After completing a recent female empowerment program, I read this article by Art Markman, and thought it pertinent to the women I work with, although I describe it a ‘Personal leadership’            


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