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How many times have you told yourself that if you had more confidence, you’d be more successful? Pretty often, right? Here’s something to think about: Confidence is not something you have, it’s something you create. Confidence is nothing more than a sense of power in yourself. It’s the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Confidence comes from within, and you can create more at any time.

Boost your confidence 

Press for Progress

Rigid workplace cultures are holding back employees, says The Institute of leadership and Management.

New research suggests employers should adapt to get the most out of today’s workforce. More than half of UK workers feel that both the structure and culture of their workplaces are holding them back from doing their job more effectively (55% and 53% respectively).

When I first thought of blogging about empathy I had honestly no idea how deep this subject would go. I have learnt such a lot about the way empathy touches our everyday lives, and how it can positively nurture our minds, and simultaneously serve us up buckets of painful emotions.

Empathy makes me stronger

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