Managing a Virtual Team

A Serious Empathy Deficit?

To be empowered is to be vulnerable, to have empathy and be empathic is also to be vulnerable. Brene Brown makes it so clear that, vulnerability is the key for personal and organisational empowerment to thrive. She also shows us that for personal and organisational creativity to grow, it requires empathy. Buy hey empathy requires us to be vulnerable!  I don’t do vulnerability! Brene explains more about what I include in the EmpowerMe process and brings clarity to the fact that we are in a serious empathy deficit. We need to shift our mind-set regarding what we think to be our weaknesses, and  acknowledge that maybe its the ignition to courage.      

Divided Women

This is an incredible gender equality video- worth 5 mins of your time

How Dare She Rocks!

Welcome to How Dare She. I can’t wait to get going and start to connect and build relationships; relationships that will be so nourishing and empowering. Intention One: Empowerment is Cognitive – It helps us ‘See Choices and to Challenge Unhelpful Beliefs’. The first intention of empowerment I want to set out is the cognitive. What I mean by “cognitive” is that empowerment can be described as a person’s new ability to see options and alternatives that they didn’t see before. The result of this is that the person believes they have new choices they didn’t have before or a new freedom they haven’t experienced before. Of course, formally, they always had these choices, but they didn’t see that they had them. Empowerment is the seeing. Intention Two: Empowerment is Linguistic...

Is the science sector behind the times?

Some girls report perceiving science as a career, as DULL, but maybe it’s the science sector that’s behind the times? STEM pipeline: Science, technology, engineering and maths I wanted to explore the reasons women are not entering certain areas of the pipeline, is it so DULL that girls are being put off? So putting my reporter hat on, I set out to Forest Research in Roslin, to find a female scientist. I met Kate Beauchamp, Climate Change Adaptation Scientist. So lets ask Kate about her experience of becoming a scientist. ‘I enjoyed science at school and did not then, or now consider it to be ‘dull’. I had a good female science teacher who encouraged me, and I never personally experienced any gender segregation at school or at university. My passion for being o...

STEM: Let’s ask a scientist

I wanted to explore the reasons women are not entering certain areas of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) pipeline. I discovered that; there are two areas in which the United Kingdom needs greater visibility and understanding of gender trends in STEM. First: fewer girls than boys are entering STEM at a young age, and fewer young people overall place value on STEM subjects compared with their peers in other parts of the world. Studies show that the paucity of girls choosing STEM options is likely linked to confidence, as boys are already more comfortable with maths than girls at age 10; by age 14, girls’ confidence has declined still further. The drivers for this are not yet fully understood. Second: more can be done to analyse why some specific areas of STEM have had mu...

This is our time!

ANTONIA SWINSON Antonia Swinson is an award winning business journalist and writer who became CEO of Social Enterprise Scotland in 2005. She has since worked in leadership roles on both sides of the Border, for the last three years as CEO of leading UK property advice charity the Ethical Property Foundation. (www.ethicalproperty.org.uk) A graduate of Edinburgh University, Antonia wrote a successful weekly business column for the business section of Scotland on Sunday with regular broadcasting including Radio 4 Thought for the Day. She is a former Chair of Society of Authors in Scotland and the author of five published books, fiction and non-fiction. My definition of a powerful woman is someone who is comfortable in her skin. Being powerful has nothing to do with being a narcissist, or tryi...