Coaching for Performance Leadership Pathway

Partnering with you to transform your culture and unlock your human potential.
Why Choose a Coaching Culture?

A coaching leadership style of empowerment, transparency and shared responsibility is essential to a high-performance company culture.

Command and control management and leadership is no longer tenable in this fast-moving world. People need to be able to make rapid decisions and respond to changing conditions on a moment-by-moment basis. For this they need a different type of management. A coaching management style is widely being sought out by companies moving away from a command and control leadership approach to one that empowers and facilitates. A coaching management style:

  • Improves alignment
  • Creates empowerment
  • Increases engagement
  • Develops people and performance
  • Improves creativity
  • Raises responsibility in employees

High-performance Leadership: Blended Learning Approach

Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches but by developing a “coaching leadership style” they can unleash potential in their organisation.

The Coaching for Performance Leadership Pathway is the Courageous Cultures coaching training for developing collaborative, authentic leadership.  This blended learning approach delivers outstanding results in organisations; and we aim to show a tangible return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Who Will Benefit?

The training offers a unique leadership journey for deep learning and long-term behaviour change. It develops a powerful and authentic coaching leadership style in organisations which integrates performance and purpose. It is especially suitable for leaders who want to develop a new approach to leadership that will take their leadership skills to a higher level:

  • develop as an individual and as a leader
  • inspire high performance
  • create strong relationships
  • gain clarity and big-picture thinking
  • spearhead organisational change

Blended Learning: Course Content and Structure

I understand that senior leaders have many demands on their time and don’t want to sit through another dull training. Which is why, my leadership programme takes a cutting-edge approach to leadership development. Participants describe it as being like tailor-made leadership development that facilitates extraordinary results for them and their organisation. They value the highly practical, blended learning experience that includes: