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Coaching & Mentoring

Hi Heather

I’m very happy to provide a testimonial, what I’d say is:

Heather very quickly understood me, and therefore the support I required to grow.  She is incredibly intuitive, and knowledgable, so is able to draw on the research and writings of others, as well as her own experiences.  I learnt to love myself, and therefore to channel this to become the authentic leader I was so keen to be!  

Thank you Heather. Dec 2018

Heather is incredibly focused and passionate about the benefits of coaching. Heather initially coached me when I was planning to write a book. After the session I was so taken with her inspiring and warm style, that I too wanted to use coaching skills to support those in my health business.

It took me 3 months to persuade her to train me!  I now understand her time to make the decision, as it was not a easy as I had thought  I certainly learned about accountability and that in order o be a good coach, I had to dig deep, and truly understand my own intentions before Heather would take me to the next level in my coaching development. 

Heather spent a year with me, coaching me, teaching me, practicing with me and arranging coaches and coachees to work with me too. She was continuously  assessing and guiding me through to my Coaching Practitioner Certificate which I passed in June 2017.

Another year on now June 2018, I now have published my first book!

Heather says it’s all my doing, and yes that what coaching is about, but Heather is not just a Coach, she has a warm strength and you know when she believes in you. So I am always saying I could not have achieved what I have achieved and changed my life completely with her.

Nadia Wong: Happiness Coach and Author

I wanted to do something with  my life now that I was 50yrs old. All my life I had dreamt I would set up a photography business. I dreamt about it but had no idea where to start. I met Heather and the rest is history!

18 months later I now run my own walking photography tours in the Scottish Borders. I know what I like about photography and what I don’t like , and I believe in myself.

Heather’s business background was the first steps, ones which I did not enjoy at first, but once I discovered that my photography needed these skills then with her support, I got stuck in. Heather did not do it for me(although I asked many times!) I am so glad now, as I am proud of myself, I did it!




Hanisa Valentino: The Little Photographer

Dear Heather 
Thank you for yesterday’s coaching and the detailed notes and action points you sent. They are really helpful. I can’t thank you enough all I have learned. I do feel empowered. 
So a big thank you. 
Have a good weekend. 
Dilys ☺

I’d say to Heather she is a strong woman, what I mean she is a passionate, warm and caring woman, who genuinely wants the best for people. She has the ability to find peoples desires and help them make them come true.

Claire Jan 2018

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