Program 2 - Conversation Intelligence (C-IQ)

A deep dive into the fascinating world of conversations

Count on Us: we do what we say with excellence directed towards the common purpose of our mission.
Better Together: We set forward-thinking goals and partner and collaborate to achieve them.
We Aim High: We speak from truth and set and meet high standards.
You Matter: We value every person giving each other the same consideration.
Seek Understanding: We proactivley gather all opinions to be inclusive and develop a shared vision for commion action.

Welcome to part 2 of your Continuous Conversation workshop: Conversation Intelligence (C-IQ)90 min zoom workshop – Who’s it for – everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the Neuroscience of Conversations workshop? In this your second continuous conversation workshop you will develop C- IQ- Yep there is now such a thing as conversational intelligence!

  • Seven C-IQ philosophies: that will help you develop and measure yours and your organisations C-IQ
  • Six C-IQ principles: hover over the image to discover what they are.
    • Ask yourself; what do I need to shift to be a part of these C-IQ principles?

Environments where employees work by the book, laden with rules and regulations about what can’t be done, rather that what could be done, are not attractive to people full of spirit seeking to make their mark in the world. In such places, executives wonder why they have a stodgy atmosphere, whey people call in sick too often, or why people don’t seem to be enjoying their work.

On the other hand, workplaces that focus on developing rather than dictating to employees inspire them towards greater self-expression and encourage their “leadership voice.” In companies where people development is flourishing, I see employees valued for their contributions, sharing their voice without retribution from authority, taking risks, and being energised to take on audacious goals that help the whole enterprise succeed. There is a great sense of ownership, accountability, and accomplishment. Theses leaders, companies, and cultures are characterised as having high levels of Conversational Intelligence(C-IQ) 

So yes, ONLY 90mins to understand why C-IQ conversations have the power to change your life, one conversation at a time! 

Looking forward to being with you for this workshop, and I leave you with another of my favourite quotes.

“The experience of being understood, versus interpreted, is so compelling you can charge admission.”

Warm wishes