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Courageous Coaching – Daring Offer

Courageous Coaching – Daring Offer

Hello to all daring women out there.

I want to offer this community an awesome opportunity to work with me and dare yourself to sign up to a  Courageous Coaching Program.

I have designed a coaching program specifically for female leaders. Specifically for women who are leading their own businesses or leading within an organisation.

The coaching program’s aim is to stretch you! – YEP – to stretch you to be the successful and fulfilled woman you want to be. To be courageous.

So here’s an overview of this scary coaching program.

First: You will dig deep into your physci to reveal your gremlins and deal with them once and for all.

Second: You will discover your ‘true you’

Third: Once you’re gremlin free you will peel back the onion on your ‘capability’ to lead and run your  business.

Fourth: I will provide you with the support and additional skills to add to your already awesome skill set.

Finally:  Now your feeling courageous, I will show you how to be a true woman of courage and to plan your future – a future full of adventure, happiness and balance.

So How Dare She members and daring women of Scotland. Will any of you DARE to take up this offer?

Further scary and not so scary info:

  1. Sadly it’s not a freebie, as if it was I would not be known as, the awesome savvy business woman that I am. -:)
  2. However what is on offer is a discount(for HDS Members) and a FREE- yes FREE-  How Dare She retreat planned for 2020.
  3. If interested and or want to know more then please PM me
  4. NB; If you are not part of the HDS membership and wish to join, then please get in touch and we will have a chat and sign you up.

Have an courageous life and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes


How Dare She

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