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No matter what you call it, conversation chaos is easy to spot.

It’s communication that’s unproductive, ineffective, and unfocused. Conversation chaos is frustrating. When your people don’t know how to talk about what matters, it hurts your bottom line.

  • You miss key insights because the whole team isn’t participating
  • Toxic employees wreak havoc and no one knows how to confront them
  • Leaders are over burdened and less effective because they don’t delegate well.
  • Discussions rehash the to-do-list instead of diving into the heart of the matter.

At COURAGEOUS CULTURES, we know how costly those ineffective communications are. And,



Conversations that’s competent, skillful, and effective is the worlds most powerful resource, and it’s critical to resolving your toughest business problems.

But there is more than one kind of conversation.

  1. Team Conversation – to turn your team into dynamic think tanks
  2. Feedback Conversation – to make course corrections on a daily basis – not an annual one
  3. Confrontation Conversation – to address the issues you’ve been avoiding
  4. Coaching Conversation – to dig deep and move from advice -giving to self actualization
  5. Delegation Conversation – to provide growth opportunities while increasing accountability.

Each of these conversations is a different animal, requiring a unique approach in order to drive the most value. That’s where Courageous Conversations can help you succeed.

We will help you to:

  1. Interrogate reality
  2. Provoke learning
  3. Tackle tough challenges
  4. Enrich relationships.
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