Courageous Conversations

Developing Leaders for a Complex World

Most people would agree that having conversations are important, that, if some conversations fail, it’s a big fail! But why “courageous”?

Noun: The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face a difficulty, danger, pain etc; without fear.

In its simplistic form a courageous conversation is one we come out from behind ourselves into conversation and make it real. Courageous conversations have four objectives.

  1. Interrogate reality
  2. Provoke learning
  3. Tackle rough challenges
  4. Enrich relationships.

Leaders in this complex world are required to have some of the most difficult and accountable conversations, yet many lack the skill, and the courage to dig deep and get real. This is when organisations rise or fall, on one conversation at a time.

So whats the answer?-  Develop leaders to have courageous conversations, interrogate the truth, del with whats ‘real’ and build rich relationships.

Develop Your Leaders for a Complex World

Have those courageous conversations