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Crucial Conversations

Can you spare 3 mornings? If so then I will walk you through how to have a crucial conversation!

Maybe you have been putting off  a conversation and or just do not know where to start.

Or, it may be that your challenged with someone’s behaviour and feeling uncertain about how to deal with it (without making things worse!).

All of these concerns is okay, in fact it’s normal and a good place to be!  Yes I can hear you  saying, ‘aye right , its doesn’t feel okay to me’ 

But it is okay, because you are thinking, and feeling, and this makes for better and more genuine communication.

OH and bonus, you have a 1 hour 1:2:1 with me, where together we work on your crucial conversation.

So can you ring-fence 3 mornings? Promise it will be worth it!



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