Dare to Coach

Dare to Coach

Dare to Coach– Women’s Coaching Certification

It seems that for all our twenty-first century challenging of traditional gender roles at work and at home, the basic principle remains that women and men, despite our common humanity, experience life differently. That difference has been the stuff of literature, music, politics and the workplace for generations. That difference will naturally inform and influence the way you coach female coachees.

How can we interpret all the gender difference studies and science from a coaching perspective? Regardless of where your loyalties lie in the nature/nurture debate, wouldn’t it be refreshing to acknowledge that men and women do in fact behave differently? Instead of trying to suppress those differences and pretending they don’t exist, it would be infinitely more advantageous at this stage of our development to recognise these differences and work with them within a coaching framework. Within the coaching fraternity there is simply a need for coaches who are expert in understanding the detail of those differences, so they can become super –effective at supporting their female coachees when traditional ‘male’ perspectives don’t work for them. Women after all, have been mistresses of adaption and change where required over the centuries; now it is time for the coaching system to rejuvenate and breath fresh air into its processes, inspiring the women to tomorrow by supporting and recognising the needs of women today.

The certified How Dare She Coaching Women program will give insights into how women think and therefore how a coach will be trained to use his or her approaches, terminology, questions and rapport building skills to find that perfect fit. Notice that I said ‘his or her’ approaches. To our minds, it is entirely appropriate for a man to become and expert in coaching women, just as it would for a female to coach a male client. This program is about helping you get a perfect ‘fit’ with how a woman thinks – the types of issues that run through her mind, the speed at which her mind works, how a woman communicates and much more. What it is not about is diminishing the importance of men and how men think.

Coaching a man and coaching a woman is simply different- very different.

Women and men are like people who have grown up in two subcultures’ (1995:138). Women and men tend to have different ways of saying what they mean, which is why we feel this program is so important.