DRIVE Learning Transfer Platform

My business works in partnership with People Alchemy who own this amazing learning transfer platform.

For many years i have had genuine concerns about where the learning I deliver goes, and if it has made any difference to the people and the organisation. Now I can measure this, and I can also support the learning transfer so that it filters through formally and informally.

No more training folders filed away gathering dust.  RESULT

Ii have to sa this platform has made a huge difference to the quality of what I offer my clients. It also keeps me motivated to do the best I can as I now know the learning is being used.

People learn best by doing, so let’s get them doing things that drive the learning and change you want.

DRIVE takes what you do in the training room and makes it come alive by giving delegates tasks and assignments before and after training events. This prepares your delegates for a successful training course, and then embeds the new behaviours and learning directly into their workflow.

DRIVE supports the manager or mentor to debrief the taks, and verifies that the desired workplace changes have been achieved.

DRIVE holds the learner and manager accountable for change and results, and highlights those who are doing well, and those who are not.

DRIVE includes before and after measures to prove change and ROI.

DRIVE can be easily:

  • added to existing training programmes
  • linked to your LMS or other systems

DRIVE Learning Transfer Platform – guarantees training lives on.

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