empower|me unlocks the performance puzzle, and empowers your people to fully engage.

empower|me focuses on high performance and empowerment in the workplace. Everything we do is about ensuring people are empowered and capable to do the job in front of them, when they need to do it.

In a rapidly changing workplace where automation and globalisation is changing the very nature of work, even last month’s performance goals might not hold up. So, as the world dramatically shifts around us, how we manage the performance of our employees and of ourselves has to be completely re-evaluated.

Hi, I’m Heather Gordon. I help organisations and individuals to navigate disruptive change. I’ve worked as a strategy consultant, and performance trainer and coach for over 20 years. And now I want to help you to think differently about performance management.

So I designed empower|me, an empowerment performance management pathway, with one simple premise. Everything is dependent on peoples personal drive to do more. They have to want to continually improve their own performance. More and more evidence is proving that no other approach is sustainable.

The empower|me Performance Pathway.We’ll start by examining the very fundamentals of work and rethinking how performance can be more self-driven. Then we’ll dive into the dynamics of teams and how we can better empower them to shape their own goals and processes. We’ll also cover performance management at scale for the entire organisation. And along the way, we’ll look at  what it means for you personally to achieve the highest possible performance and how to manage the positive and sometimes the negative impact it can have on you and on the organisation.

Empowerment and Performance Consultancy

  1. Self- Driven Performance Management Development
  2. Organisational and Employee Capability Development
  3. Systemic Coaching & Leadership Development
  4. Leading Beyond Authority Development
  5. Mentoring & Learning Transfer Development
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