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“the tale-tale signs leaders are becoming disengaged is when they go missing in action”

What gets you and your employees out of bed in the morning? Is it the thought of spending the day at work with people you like and appreciate? Is it the drive to move forward in your career and continue bettering yourself professionally? Perhaps it’s just knowing that you need to get paid to continue living the life you want to live.

We’re all motivated by different things. It’s part of what makes our workplaces such diverse and interesting places to be.

Your business thrives when your people are engaged – and understanding what’s driving your people forward, what’s holding them back, and what they really want from their employer is essential to maintaining a consistently high level of engagement.

Your people have ambition, dreams and the potential to change your business. Once you understand exactly what those factors look like you can help them bring their best selves to work – and in return they will help your business thrive.

Employers want engaged employees because, as well as being happier, healthier and more fulfilled, they are more motivated and deliver improved business performance.

Positive relationships are evidenced with profit, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, staff retention, efficiency and health and safety performance. There are nuances in the drivers and outcomes of employee engagement, but this basic link holds true across different sectors and job roles.

Conversely, having a disengaged workforce brings huge risks. As well as losses in performance, employers may lose talented people if they feel demotivated or disengaged. They may also face greater difficulties when embedding organisational change if employees are not on board, so wider alignment with strategy and engagement with the organisation is also important. Disengagement may also threaten effective collaboration, innovation and human capital management, as employees are less inclined to use their tacit knowledge and skills for the good of the organisation.


Next Steps

Empower|Me is all about increasing employee engagement, health and well-being and developing an empowered organisational culture.

It is the nature of individuals to be risk averse, and it is the nature of organisations to create rules to prevent problems from recurring. However by  giving the relevant skills that provides employees and leaders with the confidence, technically and physiologically, to  work in an empowered way, business and people will thrive.

Check out:

  • The Empower|Me workshops, they are packed full of empowerment competencies that will empower employees and increase engagement.
  • Coaching and mentoring will provide the required positive mindsets that are key for an empowered workforce to operate and engage
  • Women’s empowerment programs specifically designed for professional women leaders.
  • Ready to THRIVE? 
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