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Personal and professional development for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

How Dare She exists to evolve your sense of leadership identity, connect you to other empowered and savvy women, and help you to create the impact you want to have in the your world.

We support and inspire women to empower themselves and provide the tools, knowledge and network to lead in a way that integrates core feminine values like connection, collaboration, intuition, empathy and heart.

We support this by providing bespoke, powerful courses and programs for the personal and professional development of women leaders.

The content is drawn from research and has been tested to get the  right formula that for what works for women. We draw on health, science, psychology, and a deep understanding of femininity to create the most empowering, practical tools and training to foster women leaders in Scotland

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Leadership Training and Coaching Programme.

Dare to Lead: Our Premier 12 -month Leadership Training and Coaching Program

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Women’s Coaching Certification

Dare to Coach: Training and Certification for those interested in becoming a How Dare She Certified Coach.

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Weekend Retreats


HOW DARE SHE will run only one retreat this year.


Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

This is an exceptional retreat or those who are committed to finding out their reason for living.

Why am I here? What is my real purpose? What should I be doing with my life?

This lack of self-understanding and direction is a health problem itself, including depression, anxiety, and fatigue. And when these stresses or negative emotions become entrenched, they can contribute to the development of an illness.

It’s not only your mind that wants to know your mission – this knowledge is vitally important to your body and spirit as well.

A confused directionless life has other consequences…….