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Personal and professional development for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

How Dare She exists to evolve your sense of leadership identity, connect you to other empowered and savvy women, and help you to create the impact you want to have in the your world.

We support and inspire women to empower themselves and provide the tools, knowledge and network to lead in a way that integrates core feminine values like connection, collaboration, intuition, empathy and heart.

We support this by providing bespoke, powerful courses and programs for the personal and professional development of women leaders.

The content is drawn from research and has been tested to get the  right formula that for what works for women. We draw on health, science, psychology, and a deep understanding of femininity to create the most empowering, practical tools and training to foster women leaders in Scotland

Online Programmes.

Learn from the comfort of your own home

Increase Your Power and Influence

A 6-week online program that shows how you can step back into your power to live the life you truly desire. This online program is for women who want :

  • their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously
  • to be heard when they speak
  • to articulate what they need and want more effectively
  • to have more of an impact at work and home
  • to kick any self-doubt they have into touch
  • to expand their comfort zones
  • a stronger, inner self-belief
  • and much more………….

Project YOU: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

A 12 – week online program – to embody the 9 principles that have been taught by sages and saints throughout the ages and they have the power to transform your life.

This 12-week online course is a source of inspiration. If you’re hurting, it will help you heal. If you’re lost, it will steer you home. If you’re searching for purpose , it will gently lead you towards fulfillment.

We arrive in this world without instruction manuals and we grow up without an emotional toolkit. So its easy to lose our way.

Coaching for Women

This 6-week online course is for women who want to develop the skill and mindset of coaching; to feel confident in asking for accountability from others, communicate and clarify situations and tasks and be able to set clear goals in their personal and professional lives.

Leadership & Coaching

Join one of our signature programmes

Leadership Training and Coaching Programme.

Dare to Lead: Our Premier 12 -month Leadership Training and Coaching Program

Step out of overwhelm and into leadership

Women’s Coaching Certification

Dare to Coach: Training and Certification for those interested in becoming a How Dare She Certified Coach.

Together we will change the world

Weekend Retreats

Dare to Be You: What’s Stopping You?

A 2 day retreat /workshop. Discover what’s holding you back and learn the tools to overcome self doubt and sabotage + develop your future desire map

The True You:

A 2 – day retreat/workshop to transform your personal relationships, and uncover and understand your archetype, and how by looking at our shadow discover how we can truly get to know and value ourselves and find our purpose.

Dare to Succeed: Women’s Entrepreneurial Survival Plan

Lets talk business, have some fun and be part of a How Dare She entrepreneurial peer support group. This workshop is packed full of business skills strategies and actions. Expert speakers and coaches to further your business aspirations.                                       .

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