Increase Your Power & Influence

Increase your Power and Influence is a 2 day Workshop.

These workshops are run approx 6 weeks apart to allow reflection and learning.

These workshops are for women who want…

  • their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously
  • to be heard when they speak
  • to articulate what they need and want more effectively
  • to have more of an impact at work and home
  • to kick any self-doubt they have into touch
  • to expand their comfort zones
  • a stronger, inner self-belief
  • to embrace positivity with a clear and simple strategy
  • to raise their daughters to harness their own calm,
  • beautiful inner power to influence the direction of their work and personal
    life with greater clarity
  • to own their space, make clearer personal boundaries
    and say ‘no’ more often.

Scottish Borders June 2017

Workshop Content

  • Are you giving your power away without realising it?
  • 18-30 realisation and how it impacts you.
  • The media, its effects on you and your daughters.
  • Avoiding Tiara Syndrome and shining in your own right.
  • Positivity; its impacts on energy, strength, career and relationships.
  • Owning ‘self-doubt.
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Directing your career with greater power.
  • The art of negotiation
  • How to step into your power and own it.

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