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How Dare She by Heather Gordon

Get instant access to one of the most inspirational and caring communities in Scotland. A learning environment, a support network, and a place from which to grow and be the change this world needs.

When you join today you will enjoy:

  • Peer support from your other members so you can learn, inspire and share.
  • Monthly webinars providing empowering learning, tools and techniques you can uses to step into the life you desire.
  • Recording of all webinars so you never miss out.
  • Monthly Q&A with a How Dare She Coach, so there’s always a safe space to ask questions.
  • Discounts on training programs, retreats and events
  • Monthly In a Nutshell newsletter to keep you inspired and amused.
  • Empowering freebies!.

If you would like to be part of a community, which genuinely cares and supports and empowers you to be the best self, and have some laughs  along the way. Then join us now!

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