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Are there really differences I hear you ask? Surely coaching is coaching, no matter what gender your coachee is? Well it might surprise you to learn that there a huge differences between coaching men and coaching women. Coaching, as you will find out if you decide to join the How Dare She -Certified Coaching Program or indeed invest in a 1:2:1 coaching package with me, can be quite different when you focus on one gender and become an expert in that field.

Coaching a man and coaching a woman is simply different- very different.

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For centuries we have been trying to work out the core differences between men and women. Sociologists and psychologists have argued about whether the differences are caused by biology or by society and the way we are brought up- yep the old nature nurture debate.

Some assert that how we behave has evolved from the work we do: that the ancestral hunter/gatherer roles and the more modern division of work into paid work outside the home and unpaid work in the home has resulted in gender differences in personality and behaviour (Archer and Lloyd, 2002)

The neurobiological differences between genders may have an effect on male and female behaviour. Some studies for instance, suggest that women have a higher percentage of grey matter in comparison to men, and that men have a higher percentage of white matter and cerebrospinal fluid. OK, getting a tad technical- however it matters as these differences may affect the way men and women think. Late twentieth- century studies have shown the effects of hormones on the human brain and our behaviour.

I know there’s not a woman or a man come to think of it, out there reading this, gets how hormones influence our thinking and sometimes our behaviour.

There have been mountains of research on the differences between men and women, the fact remains- we are different. Men and women are physically and emotionally different.

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