How Dare She Online Course Content

Increase Your Power & Influence

Remind yourself just how powerful and influential you really are!

Be noticed, create a work/life balance, be heard and create visibility personally and professionally

From our research it was clear that women who thrived; gathered up all the power & influence at their disposal and used it, on purpose, to shape their careers and personal lives as they wished.

And that women who struggled; disassociated themselves with their personal power & influence to such a degree that they actively gave it away.

The real surprise? They didn’t even know they were doing it!
We took every ounce of the advice from the women who thrived and formed this online programme. It became apparent very quickly though that EVERY woman needed to hear this.

This online program is for women who want :

  • their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously
  • to be heard when they speak
  • to articulate what they need and want more effectively
  • to have more of an impact at work and home
  • to kick any self-doubt they have into touch
  • to expand their comfort zones
  • a stronger, inner self-belief
  • to embrace positivity with a clear and simple strategy
  • to raise their daughters to harness their own calm, beautiful inner power
  • to influence the direction of their work and personal life with greater clarity
  • to own their space, make clearer personal boundaries and say ‘no’ more often

Project YOU

A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

An uplifting, inspirational and intensely practical program for change, providing principles that offer a path for dealing with life’s inevitable emotional and spiritual challenges.

It’s for anyone who wants to see her own life and the world around her change for the better.

This 12-week online course is a source of inspiration. If you’re hurting, it will help you heal. If you’re lost, it will steer you home. If you’re searching for purpose , it will gently lead you towards fulfillment.

We arrive in this world without instruction manuals and we grow up without an emotional toolkit. So its easy to lose our way.

This 12 week online course is supported throughout by Heather who will be your coach and mentor.

You will (if you wish) become part a monthly webinar and a How Dare She forum.

Each part of your journey will involve activities so learning is transferred into reality and empowered living.

  • Getting Real- Honesty
  • Making friends with what is – Acceptance
  • Ending the victim trap- Courage
  • Living without fear- Trust
  • Unmasking our ego- Humility
  • Ending the conflict within- Peace
  • Transforming relationships – Love
  • Living fully- Joy
  • Love in action- Kindness
  • Your Manifesto

Coaching for Women

A refreshingly different guide to becoming an ethical and responsible coach.

If you wish to move forward and reduce misunderstanding and achieve your goals, then developing a coaching mindset is how.

Learn the key skills of coaching and how to also coach as a woman.

This 6-week online course is for women who want to develop the skill and mindset of coaching; to feel confident in asking for accountability from others, communicate and clarify situations and tasks and be able to set clear goals in their personal and professional lives.

Coaching is a skill which is transferable to all situations in life and one that assures collaboration and understanding.

If you wish to move forward and reduce misunderstanding and achieve your goals, then developing a coaching mindset is how.

Learn the key skills of coaching and how to also coach as a woman.

Based on Heather’s coaching women with many faces this 6 -week course covers

  • Barriers, Myths and Laying Down the Ground Rules
  • TGROW model
  • Question Etiquette
  • Listen, Clarify- The Power of Being Heard
  • Negotiating negativity
  • Body Language
  • Communication Skills With a Feminine Edge
  • A Woman’s Reputation with Herself
  • The Wheel of a Woman’s Life
  • The Values of a Woman Today
  • Beliefs and Their Link With Emotions
  • Stress, Decisions and Making Your Mind Up.
  • Qualifying as a coach:Do you need that piece of paper?