How well do I give feedback

This self-assessment will help you measure your current skills in giving feedback. For each statement, check ‘rarely’, ‘sometimes’, or ‘often’ to indicate how consistently you use the described behaviour in the workplace (also available as a pdf file).

  1. I consider the time and place to give feedback to ensure that they are appropriate.
  1. I monitor and manage my emotions during feedback, remaining calm and keeping my voice even.
  1. I provide specific, detailed information about the person’s behaviour or performance.
  1. I explain the consequences and impact the person’s actions are having on the team or organisation.
  1. I really listen to the responses of those receiving my feedback.
  1. I clarify my expectations so that the person understands what is required concerning the behaviour.
  1. I remember to thank and encourage the recipients of my feedback.
  1. I provide input as needed in developing an action plan for meeting behavioural or performance goals.
  1. I manage the feedback process to keep the dialogue on track so it covers all the necessary steps.
  1. I try to understand what the recipient may be going through.

How did you score?

Overall, how good do you think you are?

What areas need most improvement?

What will you do now as a result of doing this questionnaire?