How well do I receive feedback?

This self-assessment will help you measure your current skills in receiving feedback. For each statement, check ‘rarely’, ‘sometimes’, or ‘often’ to indicate how consistently you use the described behaviour in the workplace (also available as a pdf file).

  1. I truly listen to what feedback givers are saying.
  1. I keep feedback in perspective and don’t overreact.
  1. I seek to learn from all feedback, even if it’s poorly given.
  1. I am willing to learn from questions about my performance or behaviour.
  1. Rather than avoiding feedback, I attempt to turn every feedback session into a useful encounter.
  1. I accept feedback rather avoiding or deflecting it.
  1. I accept responsibility for my role in achieving individual, team and organisational goals.
  1. I seek clarity from the feedback giver so that I really do understand what they are saying.
  1. I thank the feedback giver for their input, whatever I may think of it, or the way it was given.
  1. I acknowledge that the feedback giver is right from their perspective.

How did you score?

Overall, how good do you think you are?

What areas need most improvement?

What will you do now as a result of doing this questionnaire?