Nourishing Lunch Network

Connecting and feeling a sense of belonging is so important for our emotional wellbeing and ability to thrive – especially during challenging times and long winter days.

Fancy a inspirational discussion over lunch?

The Human Smoothie is a fortnightly networking event with a difference: the opportunity to connect with adventurous people who share a desire to make the most of life and make a difference in the world.

Imagine being part of a group of radiant individuals, exploring all sorts of topics including health, wellbeing, meditation, compassionate politics, climate change, art, literature, and poetry.

Imagine having discussions with and listening to guest speakers who share their knowledge, expertise, and adventure’s.

Imagine listening to weekly inspirational podcasts from people like Dr David Hamilton PHD Scientist and author: How your mind can heal your body, Brene Brown: Burnout, and Rising Strong, Emma Bell: Resilience & Relationships. Jennifer Nadel: Compassionate politics and many more.

Let’s Weather the Storm Together: Wellness Campaign

With Covid-19 still very much present, many employees are facing additional pressures such as money worries, isolation, home-working, health worries and anxiety. Supporting employees’ mental health and wellbeing during the tough winter time will be particularly vital.
In partnership with BEST LIFE Center, this campaign and resilience resources have been created specifically with the tough winter months in mind, to help you support your employees amidst the ongoing restrictions, to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from the many additional pressures we are all facing.

What you do for a living doesn’t matter. Where you live doesn’t matter.

What matters is your approach to life and your desire to share and learn with others.

Human Smoothie gives you the magic formula to adapt and connect with those around you- the ultimate nourishment to support you through the coming winter months. No pitches. No selling. Just relax and have some fun!

  • Facilitated and managed by Heather Gordon- Professional Coach/Mentor and well networked! -:)
  • Zoom
  • 3 months; January 21 to March 21
  • Fortnightly 1.5hrs
  • Lunch breakout slot
  • Groups of 6 – 20 max
  • Weekly fruity inbox drops: Podcasts, videos, hints and tips, recommended links. polls, learning pods.
  • Invited guest speakers
  • Let’s Weather the Storm Together – Wellness Campaign
  • 1:2:1 Life coaching(optional)
  • Private Facebook Page (per group)
    • Inspirational content from group members
    • Daily gratitude’s
    • Art and creative posts.
    • Daily zingy fruity posts

Charitable Donations: Optional

  • 10% of cost will be given to guest speakers chosen charity or decided by group.