Fancy an Inspirational Discussion Over Lunch?

Nourishing Lunch Network

Connecting and feeling a sense of belonging is so important for our emotional wellbeing and ability to thrive – especially during challenging times and long winter days.

Fancy a inspirational discussion over lunch?

The Human Smoothie is a fortnightly networking event with a difference: the opportunity to connect with adventurous people who share a desire to make the most of life and make a difference in the world.

Imagine being part of a group of radiant individuals, exploring all sorts of topics including health, wellbeing, meditation, compassionate politics, climate change, art, literature, poetry, yoga, herbal health and oh a prescription of fun!

Imagine having discussions with and listening to guest speakers who share their knowledge, expertise, and adventure’s.

Imagine listening to weekly inspirational podcasts from people like these inspirational leaders and coaches.

Well now you can!! Starting in Jan 2021, you can listen to 4 inspirational speakers, ask them questions and be part of an inspirational network.

Fiona Ogg

Best Life Centre

We are award-winning wellbeing experts, and with over 40-years combined experience we know the world of wellbeing like the back of our hands,

LIVE on 28th January 

Alisoun MacKenzie

Your Meaningful Life Guide, Author, Mentor and Retreat Leader

LIVE on 11th February 

Jennifer Nadel

Jennifer Nadel

Compassion in Politics

LIVE 25th Feb



LIVE on the 11th March

Find out more about your guest speakers:

Fiona Ogg – Best Life Centre: Co founder- Best Life Centre. LIVE on the 28th of January: No-one has escaped the stress caused by the mass disruption to our everyday living and working.

Never has there been a greater need for easy, practical, user-friendly coping mechanisms to support mental health, vitality and resilience.
Responding to this, award-winning specialists Fiona and Gena have drawn on their decades of experience in the world of wellbeing to bring together a unique blend of the most effective holistic well-being solutions to create Centred™ coaching and training.
With provision for workplace wellbeing and individuals  looking to transform stress into wellness.  Now’s your chance to join them to learn the benefits of their blend of self-care practices, incorporating the scientifically validated HeartMath® system, developing habits that put you in control of your health

Alisoun Mackenzie, Your Meaningful Life  Guide, Author, Mentor and Retreat Leader – discussing wellbeing, coaching, yoga, and the the benefits of tapping therapy- LIVE on the 11th of February

Jennifer Nadel: Compassion in Politics, LIVE 25th Feb

Jennifer Nadel is a writer and award winning journalist based in London. Nadel qualified as a barrister and was called to The Bar (Middle Temple) in 1996 before turning to journalism. After a year at the American network ABC News’ London bureau she moved to the BBC where she reported for national television and radio.

Now Jennifer is the Co founder of Compassion in Politics. From inequality to homelessness, divisions over Brexit to refugees dying at sea – imagine how these issues would be tackled if compassion was the main motivation of decision-makers.

​Yet compassion has been edged out of the political debate, replaced by a politics of fear, anger, and divisions and a narrative which emphasises individual success over collective well-being and happiness.

​And yet, when we look at ourselves and our lives it seems pretty obvious that we are so much more than that. We love, care, volunteer, help and support. Our proudest political achievements as a nation – the introduction of the NHS, the Kindertransport which rescued 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazis, the legalisation of homosexuality – were all built on compassionate principles.

What if instead of rewarding self advancement and encouraging greed we celebrated and cultivated those types of policy and the values that they represent?

​Through a new kind of politics and with a new set of values at the heart of decision-making we can create a nation that cares for one another, improves everyone’s lives, and protects our natural world.

Emma Bell: Resilience & Relationships. LIVE on the 11th March 

Emma has  spent the past three years researching those key strategies that make us resilient. She has travelled over 35,000 miles around the world to interview 50 of the world’s most resilient people. These are individuals who have faced radically different kinds of trauma but each of whom are thriving. She discovered the surprising truth that the same 9 key resilience strategies had enabled them not just to flourish in the face of adversity, but to thrive in the face of everyday challenges too. Her book ‘9 Secrets to Thriving’ she shares the inspiring stories of the 50 Thrivers and their practical insights so that you can choose to thrive every day of your life too.

Dr David Hamilton PHD Scientist and author: How your mind can heal your body:  date TBC


Your Smoothie Ingredients

  • Facilitated and managed by Heather Gordon- Professional Coach/Mentor and well networked! -:)
  • Zoom
  • January 21 to March 21
  • Fortnightly 1.5hrs
  • 12.30 to 2pm
  • Groups of 6 – 20 max
  • Weekly fruity inbox drops: Podcasts, videos, hints and tips, recommended links. polls, learning pods.
  • Invited guest speakers
  • Let’s Weather the Storm Together – Wellness Campaign
  • 1:2:1 Life coaching(optional)

Charitable Donations: Optional

  • 10% of cost will be given to guest speakers chosen charity or decided by group.

Let’s Weather the Storm Together: Wellness Campaign

With Covid-19 still very much present, many employees are facing additional pressures such as money worries, isolation, home-working, health worries and anxiety. Supporting employees health and wellbeing during the tough winter time will be particularly vital.
In partnership with BEST LIFE Center, this campaign and resilience resources have been created specifically with the tough winter months in mind, to help you support your employees amidst the ongoing restrictions, to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from the many additional pressures we are all facing.

Best Life Centre

For all employers who value the health and wellbeing of their staff.