Increase Your Power & Influence

Program Aim:  To remind women just how powerful and influential they really are.

Program Key Objectives: To discover how some women give away their power without even realising it and how to take it back.

Program Overview: 2 x one day workshops:

  • Workshop one covers at 1-8 ways women tend to give away their power and how to take it back and tale action to change their lives.
  • Workshop two covers 9-15 ways women tend to give away their power and how to get it back and take action to change their lives.

We look a influences such as media and how equality is about men as well as women, how women and men can together reach for equity and develop healthy relationships.
And so much more!

Key Outcomes for You:
These workshops are for women who want…

  • their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously.
  • to be heard when they speak.
  • to articulate what they need and want more effectively.
  • to have more of an impact at work and home.
  • to kick any self-doubt they have into touch.
  • to expand their comfort zones.
  • a stronger, inner self-belief.
  • to embrace positivity with a clear and simple strategy.
  • to raise their daughters to harness their own calm beautiful inner power.
  • to influence the direction of their work and personal life with greater clarity.
  • to own their space, make clearer personal boundaries and say ‘no’ more often.

Open Programs: £150 per day per person
Book the 2 days- £250 (a saving of £50)
Organisational Programs: Contact Heather

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