Informal Learning@Work

empower|me unlocks the performance puzzle, and empowers your people to fully engage.

Low Cost, High Impact Learning- Informal Learning

We all recognise that the only real difference between one organisation and another are the people within it. People are the true differentiator.

Many businesses spend thousands and even millions to have:

  • experts come to review systems, processes and ways of working, and recommend improvements.
  • a business solutions team to install a new total quality methodology
  • the latest training programs delivered to employees.
  • the newest and most efficient equipment, systems, production lines or technology

But theses things are not enough on their own. Something is needed to build a truly unique and high performing business. The answer lies in the people and their ability to learn fast enough to keep pace with the changes happening around us today.

By applying some simple steps we can create a supported learning environment that enables informal learning to thrive and grow.

This results in a more agile learning organisation that can flexibly respond to to change, be empowered and perform at a high level.

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