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Jewels of The Soul

Starts January 2021

At some point in our lives, most of us feel the gentle calling of our soul.

Has there been a point in your life you have felt the gentle calling of your soul?

There are so many great jewels that are truly lights in your soul. They illuminate your way during rigorous challenges or even smaller ones. They shine light upon hidden wisdom in your soul, in your memories, in your life experiences that could be drawn upon at certain times.

Our life is nothing but an accumulation of experiences that are constantly being reviewed, polished, and offered for fresh viewing by our soul. Nothing ever stands still – not even our past.

In this workshop, I will assist you in finding jewels from your own life. Jewels are powerful inner lights.

My experience is that we often need time to let the light of a jewel absorb into us. I know that to be true from my own experience.

Every jewel that you discover will change you – and that changes your life.

Have heard you soul calling? If yes then this 8 week soul journey is for you. It’s for all women who want happiness, meaning and to live a courageous life.

Discovering your hidden jewels will guide you towards inner peace and provide the power to help awaken your inner potential.

To find out more about this program and what it entails please contact Heather for a no commitment chat.

I will walk you through the journey and also discuss prices so you have a full understanding to allow you to make your decision.

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