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Jewels of The Soul

Discover the jewels of your soul

At some point in our lives, most of us feel the gentle calling of our soul.

Has there been a point in your life you have felt the gentle calling of your soul?

Maybe it’s been so quiet you can barely hear it – a soft tapping, no louder than a leaf falling from a tree. You may try to tell yourself you didn’t hear it.

Or perhaps it is louder and takes the form of screaming; screaming to you that that something is missing.

Do you wake in the dead of night and wonder – is this it?

It may be a hint of loneliness that endures even in the company of friends. Or a sense of injustice and a desire to change things that feels urgent and necessary, but also hopeless before it begins.

Perhaps your soul is telling you there is a better way of living, that you need to stop ignoring what really matters – the suffering of others- our planets future – but your head insists that you knuckle down and get on with your lives as it is.

For others the call may take the form of a crisis – a break up or break down, a betrayal or loss.

However it comes, Jewels of the Soul is an invitation to take a journey. You may resist. Many of us have resisted it for years, even decades. Ultimately it’s your choice. But your jewels will wait for you patiently, tapping daily or every so often in small and big ways to remind you that, in truth, you can’t avoid them if you truly want to live a courageous and meaningful life.

Have heard them call? If yes then this 8 week soul journey is for you. It’s for all women who want happiness, meaning and to live a courageous life.

Discovering your hidden jewels will guide you towards inner peace and provide the power to help awaken your inner potential.

To find out more about this program and what it entails please contact Heather for a no commitment chat.

I will walk you through the journey and also discuss prices so you have a full understanding to allow you to make your decision.

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