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Building a Culture That Drives Empowerment

“There are a lot of ideas worth listening to in this company” Companies have figured out what the best leaders knew all along: a strategy is only as good as its people and the systems that carry it out. A brilliant business idea takes scores of no less brilliant insights at every step of the execution in order to make it in the real world. These insights must come from people at every level of the organisation. The news is that business insights favour a particular state of mind that business psychologists call employee empowerment. They also agree that being empowered in ones work is not a permanent characteristic of any individual. Rather, it is the way our mind responds when certain conditions are present. Empowerment starts with the individual. From there, it can go out like a light or...

Black History Month

IN Perspective: Celebrating Black Women (in America)  In honor of Black History Month, we recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. Among the thought leaders, activists, politicians, executives, ceiling-breakers, and everyday heroes of past and present are many Black women who have helped shape history and society. Black women’s diverse stories are defined by resilience, or “Black girl magic,” as we call it these days. Living at the intersection of gender and race politics isn’t easy, but we survive—and thrive. And so many of us are inspiring the next generation of women of all backgrounds. This Black History Month and beyond, show your support for Black women by learning about our experiences, amplifying our voices, and continuing to help build a...

It’s up to us all to Close The Gap

Close the Gap


By its nature, empowerment starts at the top. Empowerment must first be granted by those who have the power to do so but then it must be embraced by those who have been given greater authority.  It must come from a leadership team dedicated to giving up control in exchange for the benefits that come from an empowered team. When it comes to gender equality, companies today suffer a ‘knowing-doing gap’. Most executives know how strong the empirical evidence is that proves the link between fostering more diverse mindsets and achieving superior financial performance. But progress is still too slow. Achieving real change requires committed leadership at the top and sustained effort to shift mindsets and correct hidden biases across the organisation. Purpose driven companies that create value fo...


‘Empowering’ means giving your team members the authority or power to do something, to take more control, and to become stronger and more independent. An effective way to empower your team is to delegate. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of empowerment does not take into account a key distinction between two types of empowerment: actual empowerment, that granted by the organisation to an employee, and psychological empowerment, the feeling of empowerment that an employee has. Academics studying the subject generally approach the two types of empowerment as separate and distinct phenomena. For the purposes of leadership, you should note that there is a difference between actual and psychological empowerment and understand that even when you grant employees more power a...

What Overthinking Looks Like

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