Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches; indeed many believe they can only succeed if demonstrating traditional skills of directing, leading by example, and exercising command over the organisation. But by developing a “coaching leadership style” they can, in fact, unleash potential throughout their organization. We help leaders move from “command and control” to co-creative connection and awareness, emphasizing the importance of being a mentor as well as a team player.

We also help develop personal leadership skills through 1:1 executive coaching. Leaders are provided with the opportunity to fulfill their potential by working one-to-one with a choice of some of the world’s best executive coaches. By focusing on the individual’s needs – including personal growth and learning to set better goals, reach goals faster, make better decisions and improve communications and relationships – executive coaching develops potential and improves performance dramatically. This form of one-to-one tailored professional development offers fast-track leadership development and dramatic rewards, and is often used for the following reasons:

  • preparation for role/career changes;
  • managing stress, change, conflict or crisis;
  • enhancing personal impact and performance;
  • supporting the appointment of a person into a different role;
  • accelerating the personal development of individuals defined as high potential;
  • acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a senior individual;
  • offering tailored development as a means of rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business.