Grasping the nettle

Beginning is a practice. So is delaying, avoiding, postponing

Our leadership services grow the capacity, behaviour’s, skills, and competencies at all levels of your organisation. We offer individual, team, and organisation-wide leadership solutions; programs, training, coaching, and services to strengthen your culture – all based on your values, mission, and business goals.

Interdependent Leadership Cultural Development

Interdependent Leadership is successful because it offers leaders the tools to respond to uncertainty and ambiguity, which is at an all-time high. It counters negative culture replacing outdated patterns with new mindsets, skills, and habits one person and team at a time.

Coaching High-Performance Executives

Creating an environment that encourages a coaching stance enables an organization to not only survive in a VUCA world but to ride the wave and turn it into an opportunity to innovate and leverage the talents of the people within. In that sense, coaching is a perfect fit for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Customised Leadership Programs

There is no longer a place in this world for one – size – fits – all – leadership

In leadership, it’s pretty important to scan the environment (however volatile, uncertain, complex or ambiguous), establish the context, and then take appropriate action. There’s a high degree of skill and bucket loads of experience required to do this well, especially at the speed often required by today’s challenging world.

The Big Conversation

The environment in which we’re all working now is new, and this new normal will teach all of us different lessons about what it means to lead. By sharing those lessons with peers we know that we are not alone.

In peer-to-peer conversations, your peers become your sounding board, your confidants, and your teachers. In return, you provide this value back to them, in a mutually beneficial relationship that will last.

Conflict Resolution

Productive conflict creates an opportunity for progress and growth. Not only does conflict allow us to learn more about our teammates but it also leads to improved working relationships, increased job satisfaction, and better employee retention rates.


Customised support to build toward a culture of greater interdependence.

Interdependent cultures characterised by collaborative and shared leadership that are needed to respond to complex, shifting environment.

As a consultant, the challenge in a VUCA world is to find a middle way between implementation and adaptation of a strategy.

My organisation had so many areas to prioritise, if we were serious in developing an interdependent leadership culture and to be honest we had no idea where to start. Working with Heather Gordon Leadership Consultancy has been a positive and worthwhile experience. We now have a model for our leadership transformation, which will provide us with organisational direction, alignment and commitment.

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