Accredited Coach Training

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The Certificate in Coaching Practice provides an introduction to the key principles, skills and approaches that underpin effective coaching practice.

As a rapidly developing profession in the UK, coaching is becoming more widely used in a range of settings and various styles are emerging as a result.
This course will support you in exploring these variations and assist you in making the choices which relate to your own preferred options.

This is a foundation level coach training programme that embodies the standards, ethics and competencies that we have established firmly in and through all of our work.

The focus of this course is the development of coaching competence and confidence and the skills which are taught and practised are transferable to mentoring situations and can be utilised in an organisational, individual or team context.

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The Certificate in Coaching Practice is primarily intended as a course for individuals who want to establish their own, private Life and/or Work Place Coaching practice. However some candidates come on the course to enhance their current professional context or to prepare for a new role such
as an internal coach / coaching manager within an organisation; or to develop skills and knowledge as an external coach (one who offers coaching services to organisations).

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The Certificate in Coaching Practice embodies the ILM learning outcomes from the level 5 qualifications in coaching and mentoring thus enabling successful candidates an opportunity to expand their coach portfolio to add to the initial AC recognised qualification by adding a second, equally valuable ILM Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring Management.

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Coach Portfolio
I will provide a clear structured framework to enable you to gather together all the information required to consolidate your learning and provide evidence of your personal and professional development throughout the course. This will include recordings from your case study coaching sessions, 3 core assignments and a practical assessment of your competence as a coach. Here is a brief outline of the 3 assignments:
1. Pre-Course Assignment
Evidence your understanding of coaching and how it differs from other support functions.
2. Personal Journey (Assignment 2)
Demonstrate how the course has influenced your personal development and how your future plans have been developed as a result of your new understanding and awareness.
3. Coaching Practice Reflective Account – Case Study (Assignment 3)
As part of your training you will be required to identify one case study to support the development of your coaching competence. Towards the end of your training you will be asked to write a reflective account of one of your case studies (with permission). The focus for the assignment will
be your development as a professional coach and not the subject of your case study.

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Professional Membership and Independent Accreditation
Heather Gordon is an Approved ILM Centre. The participants of this course will have sufficient learning and evidence from which to apply to Association of Coaching(AC )and the Federation (ICF) has in the development of coaching as a profession. The ICF competency framework has also been used to inform our work and to ensure a comprehensive approach to skill development. Both organisations offer independent membership and accreditation schemes and your training will prepare you for associate membership with either. Full membership requires you to evidence a number of coaching hours in addition to certified training and accreditation by either organisation requires that you meet an additional list of criteria.

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