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Becoming a Leader – Video and Workbook

Duration: 2 hours


Recommend to use as part of a training or coaching program.

Intended for:

These training packs come as videos and accompanying workbook that demonstrate key learning topics. The video demonstrates a key part of the learning, with the workbook expanding on the information and providing further development. The workbook also includes activities to help embed the learning and together with the video will give learners a rounded understanding with prompts to apply what they have learned.


Set within our Leadership and Management range, this video and accompanying workbook focus on the topic of Becoming a Leader.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” is a quote from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. You could also say the same about leaders and leadership. Most people, however, transition into a leadership role, and when they do, they can find their new role a little daunting.

Workbook Overview:

The 25 page workbook introduces some of the thinking about leadership roles today and explores the main theories and styles of leadership. Learners will also look at times where different approaches to leadership may be more effective.

The main purpose of the workbook is to give learners the opportunity to look at leadership and leadership styles so that they can begin thinking about what sort of leader they’ll become.

Video Overview:

The video covers Transformational Leadership in full and explains how it can be used to become a more effective leader.


These videos and accompanying training workbooks have been designed to be multi-purpose and can be used in a range of scenarios.

Workbook contents:

Leading and managing – Understanding what a leader is and what it means to us

Manager or leader? – An activity that helps to establish the main differences in the roles

Leadership task – Helping to identify the key aspects of leadership and how it is best deomonstrated

The need for effective leaders – Identifying the importance of leadership and how this can be a skill in short supply

Leadership theories and styles – Looking at four key theories on leadership and how they are applied (trait, behavioural, contingency, power and influence)

Transformational leadership – An introduction to the transformational leadership approach

The four ‘I’s of leadership – A review of the different aspects of transofrmational leadership, including a task that explores examples

Four elements of transformational leadership – Understanding the elements and what they mean

The leadership mix – A task that helps the learner explore where they fit into the leadership theories and styles

Choosing the best leadership approach – Identifying when and how to use each approach in the right way

Six leadership mistakes – Reviewing the common mistakes leaders make

As a leader, ‘I will…’ ‘I won’t…’ – Defining the guidelines and principles that the learner wants to follow as a new leader

Use what you’ve learnt – An exercise that encourages the practical application of what has been learned throughout the workbook and video

Takeaways – Key data from the learning in one simple page

Further reading – A list of alternative sources of information that build on the learning

What will I receive? 

  • Video(s)
  • A 25 page workbook

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