Broadening Perspectives

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Broadening Perspectives | Seeing the Bigger Picture

Imagine for a moment that you’re a traveller about to climb a mountain. At the foot of the mountain, when you turn around and all you can see is what’s directly in front of you: a few trees, a mountain stream, a rocky track.

As you climb, you can see that the few trees are, in fact, part of a larger forested area. A little higher you can see the farmland beyond the forest. Higher still, your view becomes more expansive – a township in the distance, a broad river…until you reach the top and you have a full 360 degree view.

Broadening Perspectives is like climbing a mountain to see more of the scene.

You may for instance:

  • See a conflict situation from a different perspective or
  • understand another’s point of view
  • understand the connections between sets of events, actions and people, which may have repercussions in areas of our lives or business.

This EmpowerMe module, shifts your thinking, reframes problems and offers a model to see people, situations from a different perspective. Having the knowledge and the understanding empowers authentic decision making and leadership.



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About Broadening Perspectives

  • Session Times: 3 hours
  • Essential Background: EmpowerMe Modules
    • Win/Win Approach – Negotiation
  • EmpowerMe: Case Studies, Exercises
  • EmpowerMe: Intention/Commitment Sheet
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Steps in Broadening Perspectives

  1. Celebrate Uniqueness
  2. Respect and Value Differences
  3. Recognise Long Term Timeframe
  4. Assume a Global Perspective
  5. Deal with Resistance to Taking a Broader Perspective
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