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Communication – Video and Workbook

Duration: 4 hours


Recommend to use as part of a training or coaching program.

Intended for:

These training packs come as videos and accompanying workbook that demonstrate key learning topics. The video demonstrates a key part of the learning, with the workbook expanding on the information and providing further development. The workbook also includes activities to help embed the learning and together with the video will give learners a rounded understanding with prompts to apply what they have learned.


Set within our Leadership and Management range, this video and accompanying workbook focus on the topic of Being a Leader.

Effective communication is critical to success in the workplace. To set yourself apart at work you need to be able to get your message across clearly and in a way that demonstrates your willingness to take on the opinions and attitudes of those around you. These videos and accompanying workbook will help to develop the communication skills of the learner, giving them practical techniques and the knowledge required to communicate confidently.

Workbook Overview:

In this 45 page workbook, the learner will explore a number of feedback techniques and models, as well as look at some of the issues around feedback such as whether it should be anonymous, and whether recognition is more powerful than praise.

Video Overview:

This training pack comes with three videos, which focus on ‘The Betari Box’, ‘The Way That You Say It’ and ‘Active Listening’.


These videos and accompanying training workbooks have been designed to be multi-purpose and can be used in a range of scenarios.

Workbook contents:

Your communication style – A questionnaire that helps identify your preferred communication style

Now you have a go – A short case study to apply your learning about communication styles

The Betari Box – A  prompt to watch the video, followed by some advice on getting over communication breakdown

Speaking clearly and confident – Some advice and techniques to improve how you come across

Applying AID feedback at work – Using this model to improve feedback skills. Includes advice on body language, paralanguage and how to speak on the phone.

Motivating others – Working through the Monroe Motivated Sequence Model to improve persuasion and motivation skills. Supported by an activity that focuses learning

Explaining things – Advice on getting your message across to others while avoiding jargon, management speak or language that confuses or creates misunderstanding. Includes an activity on avoiding management speak.

Knowing your audience – Being able to adapt your style to suit the people you are talking to

Rapport – Building rapport to improve relationships and make communication simpler

Writing – Using a clear format to write business reports and making your writing easier to understand

Good writing, easy reading – Using structured techniques to help people comprehend your written message

Writing clear emails – Applying practical skills to improving the clarity of emails

Practical writing activities – A series of tasks to help embed learning regarding writing styles and approaches

Active listening – A prompt to watch the videos with an in-depth review of the skills of active listening

Use what you’ve learnt – An exercise that encourages the practical application of what has been learned throughout the workbook and video

Takeaways – Key data from the learning in one simple page

Further reading – A list of alternative sources of information that build on the learning

What will I receive? 

  • Video
  • A 45 page workbook

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