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Creative Responses


Creative Responses

Ah! | Different Mind-Sets! | What an Opportunity!

Mindchatter, what we tell ourselves, affects how we respond to situations. This conversation with ourselves is continuous. When we’re under stress the chatter increases. Because it affects the way we act and how we see the world, changing our mindchatter will change our view of the world and our reactions.

Because we may give ourselves negative messages, we often find ourselves with a knee jerk reaction to situations that we are either not happy with or not familiar with. We are not acting by choice, but out of habit.

Empowerment in this situation requires a creative approach to how we respond.

It means acknowledging how we feel about a situation and looking for what we can learn, for the new doors that are opening and for the ways that we can make it different in the future. Excellence becomes the path itself rather than the destination. Allowing mistakes and being willing to risk is more likely to achieve excellence than a model of perfection which is limited by a definition of what’s right.


  • To understand how powerfully the messages we give ourselves affect the outcomes when faced with conflict.
  • To explore ways of transforming our thought patterns.

Session Times: 2 hours

Essential Background: Understanding Conflict


When we’re caught up with what’s right, with how things should or shouldn’t be chances are we’re measuring the situation against a yardstick of PERFECTION.

Another way of measuring a situation is against a yardstick of DISCOVERY

Look for the positive side of the situation, for the opportunity. The language we use is very powerful in directing our thoughts and ultimately the outcome in a situation.
Reframe our negative “I can’t do this” to “I need to work out a plan” or “I need to learn these skills”.
Think of a new way of seeing a situation

Choose to respond
Accept what is
Ask “What can I learn here?”
Look for the opportunity

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