Empowerment Training & Facilitation

Feedback from my EmpowerMe program

Just before I attended this training I was going through significant changes in work due to management changes and also job change – by covering this area within the training it really has changed me as a person and will always be something that I carry with me throughout my personal/work life – I truly believe that if I had not undertaken this training things would be significantly different for me. I now understand I can seek opportunities make opportunities and have the belief in myself”

1. Attitudinal – Empowerment

Attitude towards others; believing other people to be as important as you- or learning to believe it., making connection with others. Taking this view means your goals are the same as others, their needs matter to you as much as your own and your behaviour reflects this attitude.

Empowerment Driver: Personal Power, Balance

What the delegate have said:

I am now building a relationships with senior members of the team and being a proactive in a partner led- leadership approach
• I have greater levels of engagement in the workplace
• I am now valuing my personal and professional skills and understanding how these contribute to leadership
• I am now being role models for women, girls and boys.
• I am now team working and empowering through delegation and giving time to listen and empower teams
• I have Increase in communication skills and styles.

2. Self- Mastery – Empowerment

Self-mastery: committing to self-awareness, self-integration and flexible command of your psyche, enabling you to break old, unhelpful habits and keep growing. This inevitably means becoming aware of, dissolving and going beyond your limiting beliefs.

Empowerment Driver: High, real self-esteem, Intuition, In the now

What the delegates said
I have greater level of self-awareness
• I have greater levels of engagement in the workplace
• I am more aware and acknowledging my feelings.
• I am now dealing with stress management, feeling calmer
• I now have feelings of excitement and hope.
• I have increase in motivation
• Increase in confidence
• I recognise my worth to the organisation
• I no longer have Imposter syndrome
• I am confident with problem solving
• I am proud of my authentic leadership approach
• I am more decisive
• I enjoy being more creative in finding solutions and putting forward new ideas.
• I want to be and will be a role model and empower my work colleagues

3. Technical – Empowerment
Technical: knowing your technical weaknesses/growth to continually updating your knowledge and skills.

Empowerment Driver: Drive to be more, to grow

NB: 60% the delegates set actions for their coaching sessions around technical skills:
Problem Solving and Planning
• Decision-Making Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Group Process Skills/Delegation
• Time Management
• What the delegates said
• Greater levels of engagement in the workplace
• Increase in Confidence
• Feelings of responsibility
• Recognition of own skills.
• Higher career aspirations
• Increased self-worth and value
• More in control
• Less feelings of dread