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Giving & Receiving Feedback: 1hr

Duration: 1 hour session

Intended for:

These 1 Hour Training Bubbles have been developed for the busy line manager that wants to get a message across, but needs to reduce the impact to working operations.

Developed for use in meetings or as part of stand-alone webinar training session. These short, succinct 1 Hour Training Bubbles enable you to deliver effective training sessions that get the key message across and retain participant involvement.

Why buy this one hour bubble?

Time is valuable, and agile leadership creates an environment for short sharp learning and motivational boosts.

These bubbles can be delivered by Courageous Cultures(CC) as a one off or a package; or can be purchased from CC and delivered by your in house L&D.

Workbook – This is a place for participants to add their action plans and learning, whilst also containing information about the course content and a place to work on exercises and activities

Want to add a bit of a spark to this training? Try out our Giving and Receiving Feedback Video with Workbooks that you can add to your training course, or give your participants as pre or post course learning.

Good, constructive feedback enables us to learn as we work and to learn from mistakes. Feedback can be positive – as praise and recognition – or negative, both are important. Clear and specific positive feedback is one of the easiest and cheapest motivating forces in existence.

The key aim of this one hour Giving & Receiving Feedback training session is to understand the benefits of giving and receiving feedback in the right way.

Key Content:

1. Recognise the importance of feedback

  • Feedback is a gift

2. Know how to give positive feedback

  • Specific examples of fact

3. Know how to give constructive feedback

  • Sensitively with example using ‘I’

4. Recognise what to do with feedback

  • Give it, Receive it, Ask for it, Use it!

5. Know various models available to help in the feedback process

  • DESC Model – Describe, Explain, Specify & Consequences
  • STAR Model – Situation or Task, Action & Result
  • GROW Model – Goal, Reality, Options & Will

At this end of this 1 hour, ‘Giving & Receiving Feedback’ training course your participants will be able to:

  • State the importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • Identify how to give positive feedback
  • Explain how to give constructive feedback
  • Recognise various models you can use when giving or receiving feedback

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