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Managing Virtual Teams- Bubble Series


  • 4  x 1 Hour Group Webinar’s
  • 2 x Group Q&A Sessions
  • 2 x 1:2:1 Individual Coaching Sessions

Intended for:

Anyone that manages or leads people in a remote or virtual environment would benefit from this course. The course would suit people managing teams that work from home, on the road, at various locations or any other situation where the team are not based in the same place from day to day.

Why is running this virtual team training course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if you were better able to:

  • Inspire your virtual teams, bringing out the best in each and every individual.
  • Overcome the barriers and isolation that working remotely can cause.
  • Develop a virtual team that works collaboratively and with the interests of the organisation at heart.
  • Increase your teams performance though clear goal setting and communication.
  • Improve the effective use of technology within the organisation.
  • Develop trusting relationships that ensure the team work towards common goals.
  • Keep your teams happy and reduce staff turnaround and absenteeism


At the end of this Managing Virtual Teams Bubble Series you will be able to:

  • Understand and develop the skills required to effectively manage a virtual team.
  • Build engagement and trust with members of your virtual team.
  • Effectively use technology and tools to support communication within the team.
  • Improve your communication and feedback approach with your virtual team.
  • Track progress and performance management of team members to achieve success.
  • Through your 1;2:1 coaching sessions you will learn to support your own wellness and develop a personal resilience action plan.

Meet Heather your coach and facilitator

Click on the link to view Heather’s video

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