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Mapping Our Blocks

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Mapping Our Blocks

We all face blocks in our life and work. It may be due to lack of clarity, or poor communication, or ourselves not willing to see the situation or accept it.

We may become non-players, withdrawn, blamers, resentful even blatantly awkward!

To unblock, we need to empower ourselves with the full picture, to become a detective and ask questions of others and of ourselves. Once we know the full picture, then we are empowered to make decisions and move forward with confidence.

Mapping what’s blocking us gives us this same bird’s eye view. It is a way of graphically representing a problem, showing everyone’s perspectives on it, and getting sufficient distance to see issues and ideas which may otherwise go unnoticed.
We can map our blocks by ourselves, with another, or with a group, on any occasion when we want greater clarity. Usually, we do a map on paper. Writing down all the aspects can help us to see a situation more clearly. We can also do a mental map. Whenever blocks occur, this skill is invaluable in helping us to focus on everyone’s needs and can guide our response to the situation.

About Mapping Our Blocks


  • To learn the technique of mapping.
  • To understand how mapping can be applied in a range of settings and for many purposes.

Session Times: 6 hours

Essential Background: The Win/Win Approach.


What are the Needs? What are the Concerns?

Defining the Issues

Identify Who is Involved

List the Major Needs and Concerns of Each Party

The process of reading a map is one of drawing together common threads and highlighting points of special concern or importance.
It’s an essential step for organising the information that has emerged in the map, in preparation for designing options

Looking at the many ways mapping could be used to clarify situations and for planning

• When the commodities are at stake +
• The principles at stake
• The territory at stake
• The relationships involved.

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