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Key Note Speaking

I have taken some of these comments from feedback sheets, and conversations after events. Love some of them as I found out more about me, and also the importance just to be yourself, so thanks to you all for these wonderful comments.

Loved Heather’s warm and quirky style, really enjoyed the way she held my attention. 

When I first walked into the room, I thought – here we go, another lecture from someone who knows it all. It was great as I discovered Heather was not perfect! 

I was so impressed how Heather listened to everyone in the room, and even remembered what we contributed hours before, she certainly showed genuine interest in what we had to say.

Watch out she does not let anything go! Heather has the skill to not dismiss anything you say! I felt very engaged and so enjoyed being part of the discussion.

I felt that I was being spoken to, and forgot there were another 30 people in the room, Heather has the knack to made you feel worthy and I felt I mattered.

How do you do this every day, you must be exhausted!

I like Heather’s style, its 100% participation- especially liked when she was being challenged, wow she coped so well, she knows her stuff, yet also open to debate and taking on ideas. 




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