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Power Bases

Power Bases

Part 2

Think of two or three people with whom you often comply, or to whom you defer to or say “yes”. What is this power to extract a “yes” from you based upon?

Write down your answers and if you can share with a partner in the HDS Circle

  • Of the people you have listed do you feel better complying with some rather than others?
  • Is it something to do with the way they use their power bases? How does this vary?

Possible power bases(please feel free to add more)

  • Valued relationship
    • Do you care about the relationship being friendly?
    • How would the relationship suffer if you did not comply?
  • Expertise
    • Do you trust the advice the person gives because he or she knows more about the issues?
    • What are the special areas of competence information or expertise?
  • Position
    • Do you respect the authority the person has?
    • How would you describe your respective places in the hierarchy or pecking order?
  • Reward/punishment
    • Does the person reward you – openly or covertly – if you agree?
    • Which rewards, if any, influence you?
    • Does this person punish you or show disapproval in any way? Is so how?
  • Persuasiveness
    • Do you respect and trust the person?
    • If so, which personal qualities do you particularly admire or respect?
    • Is it, for example, the person’s common sense, ability to sell an idea well, charisma or integrity that is persuasive?

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