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Power Games

Power Games
Part 3

The 3rd part to our POWER conversation is  focused on Power Relationships, relationships that we see operating and playing out in our lives.

For example:

  • parent – child
  • child- teacher
  • employee – employer
  • male- female
  • husband – wife

We have absorbed the patterns of these relationships from our culture, our family, our past experiences and so on. Often these work well for us. However, when we feel powerless or powerful at the expense of others we sometimes slip into power games and assume particular roles to play these games, usually without consciously being aware of what is happening.

The roles people can assume:

  • Persecuting
  • Rescuing
  • Playing Victim

Ask yourself or share with a How Dare She Circle partner:

  • How do people behave when persecuting?
  • How do people behave when rescuing?
  • How do people behave when playing the victim?

OK! What’s our next Daring Topic ladies?

In my next weeks Daring Topic post, we will consider specific sets of behaviours.

How can people who find themselves persecuting, rescuing or playing victim change their behaviour to exercise power with integrity and in a non- persecuting,rescuing or victim way?

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