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Shetland Islands Council

Shetland Islands Council

Shetland Islands Council

Increasing Women’s Power and Influence

If you’re not focusing on elevating the women in your organisation, with specific programmes to aid their development, you could be missing out. There is a wealth of evidence and research to suggest that it is critical for the sustainability of companies that they invest in developing their female staff and take full advantage of the talent pipeline they have just waiting to be tapped.
The diversity of thought, different decision making styles and variant risk taking options that women bring to a team, blend together with male energy to ensure your company has strong, focused and accountable leadership teams who win, every time.
By personally inviting your female staff to rise up into more senior positions, you are sending clear signals to the talented, intelligent women in your organisation that they fit and that you want their contributions.

Shetland Islands Council understands the importance of investing in their female staff and their research shows:

Successful women:

  • understand how to be women in business – often in male dominated environments
  • understand how to capitalise on their strengths and gender differences
  • take opportunities with confidence
  • are proactive in their career development.

The women struggling to be noticed;

  • actively avoid standing out as a woman (for fear of not fitting in)
  • do not understand how to capitalise on their strengths as women in fact they try to diminish them
  • are not confident often stand in the way of their own success

Consequently, key problems for employers are that;

  • women are not as focused on their roles and targets as they could be.
  • they lack visibility in the organisation
  • they feel disempowered, resulting in lack of accountability
  • women are more likely to leave, set up their own businesses or work for your competition
  • they are less likely to return to work following maternity leave

If you would like your company or organisation to run a Female Empowerment & Leadership workshop. Contact Heather 



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